All Nations Shall Bow

Psalm 72

Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son.

He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment.

The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness.

He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.

They shall fear thee as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations.

David starts out this psalm by asking for the righteous Judgment of God. One thing we can always rely on is that God will judges righteously. I see a lot of court decisions these days . Many of them seemed ungodly and totally wrong. We hear a lot about the judges making law instead of just upholding the law. This is really nothing new. If we go back to Habakkuk 1:3-4 we will see him talking about wrong judgment proceeding. It’s a mess when judges don’t judge righteously.
David says that God will judge the poor and save the needy.  We have talked before about the fact that God has a heart for the poor and the needy. Throughout the Bible we see God asking the people to make provision for them. In the Old Testament there are Commandments that say when picking your crop leave some for the poor and the needy so that they can come in and glean the field. God deals righteously with everybody including the poor and the needy. We tend to look at the poor and the needy as inferior sometimes. We don’t help them out as we shoulder
The oppressor shall fear God as long as the sun and moon endure. That’s a long time. We can must have a healthy fear for God and allow God to work in our lives.He needs to have the preeminecneous

He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth.

In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.

They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.

Don’t you just love David’s picturesque speech here  – God will come down like rain. That means nobody will be missed. If you start thinking that God is not going to bless you, or that He’s not going to take care of your enemy, He shall come down like rain. And this will make the righteous flourish and they’ll be in abundance of peace. He will water the Earth like showers do and everybody will be touched by it, whether for good or bad.
Next is the dominion of God.  There’s nobody that escaped Him. If the enemy dwells in the wilderness they will bow before Him, they will lick the dust there going to bow so low. As we already said nobody’s going to miss Him.  Everybody will be affected by this rain that’s going to come, so be prepared.

10 The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kivngs of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts.

11 Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.

12 For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper.

13 He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.

14 He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence: and precious shall their blood be in his sight.

15 And he shall live, and to him shall be given of the gold of Sheba: prayer also shall be made for him continually; and daily shall he be praised.

David mentions Tarshish and Sheba but then he goes on to say that all Kings and All Nations will serve God. Nobody is exempt from the Dominion of God. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  If you stand against Him you’re in trouble. Again he talks about the needy and the poor being delivered.  God will spare them any will save their souls. You can really see God’s heart for the needy and the poor in this section more than most. And we know if God has that kind of heart we should have that kind of hard as well
God is going to redeem the needy and the poor from deceit and violence and His name will be lifted up.  We will be praying for Him and praising Him day in and day out.  It is one of our primary purposes on this Earth – to lift up the name of Jesus Christ.  I for one plan to make sure I fulfill that purpose

16 There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth.

17 His name shall endure for ever: his name shall be continued as long as the sun: and men shall be blessed in him: all nations shall call him blessed.

18 Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things.

19 And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.

20 The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended

In verse 17 David talks about the name of the Lord. The name of the Lord will endure forever and He will be praised and blessed forever. There is no end to God’s reign.  He will reign on the throne forever and ever. And we can see in Revelations that all nations will call Him blessed.  The word says that every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If you have not bowed your knee yet I suggest you do it here on Earth before you get to heaven. We all need that communion with God.

He is the God of Israel and we have to remember that he does wondrous things.  He’s an amazing God and we’re going to bless His holy name forever.  The whole earth will be filled with His glory. Did you get that?  The whole earth will be filled with his glory! I can look at nature and see God. To me, that’s his glory.  The heavens above at sunrise and sunset – the beauty of that is his glory.  But there’s no greater glory then being in the house of God and worshiping and singing unto his name.  That’s a glory that I miss so much because I’m home and these cancer treatments right now and I can’t go to church. God is so good to us so I praise him for the praise music that I found online!  He provides worship for me at home!  What an awesome God we serve


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