An Unexpected Journey

At the beginning of 2016 I certainly did not know that I would be travelling the path of cancer for the remainder of the year.  I was diagnosed in March, had 2 stem cell transplants in June and September, and am now on the road to recovery.  But let me tell you where this has taken me.

I started blogging here and was introduced to a wonderful community of people who have been a blessing to me.  It has been amazing to meet all of you.  I will forever be grateful for the support and encouragement I have received.

I traveled through Philippians, my favorite book of the Bible, in a series of blog posts. This was wonderful study that I started a few years ago, and finally finished.  I have been encouraged to take the posts out of Chapter 4 verse 8 and develop a devotional out of it.  Thank you for that encouragement.

The study time I have spent in the Psalms on this blog has been a real eye opener and has helped me through some of the emotional things associated with going through the highs and lows of cancer.  I am so glad I started it and thank you for your comments and for reading.

And God is still filling me with songs and poems on a daily basis that are posted on my Psalms blog.  These are a true blessing to me, and I have enjoyed doing the Daily Prompts as well.  If you haven’t visited this blog, you can find it at

And I have had my eyes opened even more to the depth of love my wife has for me. She has been an amazing caregiver and I am forever i love even more with this wonderful woman.

It has been an unexpected journey, but I have grown in my faith and in my deep love for may Lord.  And that will last long  after this cancer is gone!



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9 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    As someone who has been through cancer and chemo, I can say it changed me and gave me a new perspective on life and God.

    I have come to know you and your walk with Him this year, Pete, and consider it a blessing to know a brother in Christ – a man of God who has an open heart and mind, and who continues to allow God to transform him daily.

    Merry Christmas to you, your wife and the rest of your family. ❤

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