A Place of Memories

When I think of places that have stood the test of time, the first place that always comes to mind is the Old Stone Church in West Boylston, Mass.  I grew up in that town, and drove by this church hundreds of times, maybe thousands, in my lifetime.  It didn’t mean much to me as a young lad, but as I grew older, and learned it’s story, this landmark became more and more impressive to me.

The Baptist church in town burned to the ground and was replaced by this church in the 1890’s.  But 10 years later, the State decided to build a dam and flood a large part of the town of West Boylston in order to fill the future Wachusett Reservoir.  After much pleading, they agreed to leave the church were it was and not take that land.  Someone had some tremendous foresight, because now this church is an amazing landmark of the old town.  It is not functional anymore, but it is restored enough that you can roam around the outside and enjoy the splendor of the location.

The church sits in all it’s resilient splendor on a patch of land that juts out into the reservoir. We I was in my late teens and early 20’s, my church (I went on Easter for my Mom) held their sunrise services here. My friends and I sent countless hours down around this church throwing Frisbee in the summer. People come from miles around just to picnic in the fall and see the iconic beauty of this structure.

Ads I think about driving down Route 12, going north out of West Boylston, and going under the RR tracks, traveling down the winding road nearing the reservoir, a tear comes to y eyes as I  make the turn and this beautiful scene comes into view. It takes my breath away every tie, and I tear up just typing this post.  Memories of this place will last my lifetime.

old-stone-chirch If you would like more information on the Old Stone Church,



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