The Beacon of Hope

We have all seen them.  The large crowds gathered around the world displaying their dissatisfaction with our duly elected 45th president.  Some called them women’s marches, some just marches to show that they  do not like our choice.  I believe they said there were demonstrate in over 60 countries.  Plus the hundreds of thousands that marched on  Washington  DC here, saying they represented women.  It has been quite a spectacle since the election.  The news media concentrated on the fact that these groups in foreign countries disliked our choice.  Of course, those people could only base their decision on what they had seen of  Trump in the news media, and we all know that the media, for the most part, did everything the could to make him look as horrible as possible.  No wonder they hate him.

But here’s what I see.  I see how much everyone  looks to the United States as a beacon  of hope in the world.  Have you ever – EVER – seen a demonstration in any other country over a leader chosen in some foreign country?  Have  you ever seen them even care who got elected in any country but their own?  One step further – have you even ever seen demonstrations like this in a country when their own leader was chosen?  I, for one, have not.  Maybe it’s because  the media chose not to report it here, but I would say it’s because it rarely happens.

What this says to  me is that the whole world is watching the  USA.  The whole world wants to see us succeed.  The whole  world looks to us to be the moral guide – the standard bearer for democracy and freedom.  The whole world depends on us to show the right stuff.  We are their beacon of hope.

And I like that!  I love that!  America is a singularly unique country, and is a light setting on a hill for all to see.  Maybe Mr Trump isn’t the best choice we could have made.  He obviously has some character flaws that need attention, but who doesn’t?  Any one of you?  Maybe he speaks his mind a little too much instead of being politically correct all the time.  How many  of you are sick of politically correct? I  am.  And perhaps he is not the perfect person to lead the free world.  His election has shown us that the whole world is looking  to us, the United States for answers.  And I for one, am delighted to see that  reaction.

So the next  time you tell yourself he is not your president,  I have some bad news for you.  if you’re living in this country, he is.  I see him working on fulfilling campaign promises at a faster clip than any president I can ever remember.  The world is watching.  They have long admired the peaceful transition of power that takes place here.  Who is really hurting our image now?

In all of this,  I have a mandate.  My duty, as  a Christian, is to pray for my  leaders and those in authority,and that’s what I am going to do.  Got Bless the USA!



In response to the prompt Conventional Wisdom

4 thoughts on “The Beacon of Hope

  1. crazyloveparent

    Great post! You’re absolutely right! “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Romans 13:1 He is the President, like it or not. Give him a chance. Pray for him and our leaders. Thanks for this post, Pete!!!



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