Special Day

Make It A Memorable Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day looming large, perhaps some of you are still pondering what you will do for your sweetheart this year.  I thought I‘d take a few moments to share some of the things that I have done for my wife in the past, as I have often been a little different when it comes to Valentine’s Day


Something that is really simple, but real surprising, can be pulled off very easily.  Call your local florist, and order two roses, or bouquets, whichever you prefer.  Then ask them to deliver one today (Feb 13), and one the day after Valentine’s Day.  Put a nice card with booth of them, with some sentimental mush on it.  She/he will be thrilled with the first one and thank you profusely.  But when the second one arrives, they will be speechless because you thought of them twice!  It’s a winning formula.  And yes, ladies, men love to receive flowers!


Perhaps you could get to the florist today and buy your honey a nice red corsage to wear throughout the day tomorrow, displaying your love for him/her.  I have been a salesman calling on businesses for years.  My wife bought me a corsage quite often for Valentine’s Day, and I wore it proudly on my jacket so all could see.  I had more nice compliments on that corsage than anything else I could do.  Very effective for someone who is out and about.


One year, when I had access to her desk, I cut out pictures of a single rose, enough to match the number of Valentine’s Days we had been together (I think at that time it was 30).   I scattered them on her desk along with a matching number of candy kisses.  Another year, I did the same with balloons, red and pink ones.  It was fun to leave them there, and I would have loved to see her expression when she got to work!


The grand daddy of all the things I’ve done would be hard to duplicate this year, but maybe some future year you could find something similar in your area.  We have some local celebrities on WHO radio in Des Moines, and they planned something special for Valentine’s Day.  They were going to take over a famous restaurant in Des Moines called Babe’s, and have a free spaghetti breakfast for all comers.  I decided that would be a fun time, so told my wife to take the day off for Valentine’s Day.  She asked my why, but I just said something special.

The night before I told her we had to get up and leave the house by 6, and she was not too happy about that, but agreed.  We headed out for the hour and a half drive, her in the dark wondering where we were going.  When we finally parked the car, she still had no idea (she doesn’t listen to that station).  I finally gave in as we walked to the restaurant and told her what the deal was.  She was very surprised, and wondered what it would be like to have spaghetti for breakfast.  Let me tell you it was delicious and the place was packed to capacity with a line waiting.

When we finished there, we went to downtown Des Moines and walked the sky-walk for a while.  As we were walking, my wife noticed that the radio station they played in her workplace was having a live Valentine’s Day event in one of the storefronts along the sky-walk.  We decided to stop and told them what we had been up to and they put us on the air!  When my wife got to work the next day, everyone was talking to her about her day because they had heard her on the radio.   She was all smiles!

I guess in all this the important thing is to be creative.  Have fun with this very special day of the year and do something wild and different.  Make it memorable for the one you love.


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