Transactional or Unconditional Love

An excellent post by Susan. Please read it all!

Susan Irene Fox


Some of you who read my blog may know my political leanings. I did not vote for President Trump. But he is my President. And as a follower of Jesus, I am bidden to pray for him, and I do privately.

Yet, as a follower of Jesus I realize I must pray for him publicly, too.

During the campaign last year, I watched the PBS Frontline documentary The Choice. It was an eye-opening comparison between the childhoods of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. While Clinton’s childhood was marred by alcoholism, abuse and secrecy, Trump’s was stained by a father who showed love only when his son produced. It wasn’t the unconditional love of a parent; it was a transactional love. You succeed, I’ll dole out a measure of love equivalent to your success.

What I see when I look at Trump is someone who has never known love. Or, probably…

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