When We Judge

Wonderful thoughts from Susan this morning. Everyone should read this.

Susan Irene Fox

Gaga Symphony Orchestra

In Matthew 7, Jesus begins by telling us (his disciples) not to judge others; it is the introduction and topic of the entire chapter. When he uses the metaphor of the log and the splinter, he is not saying get rid of the log so that we can judge the speck. If we think that, we miss the point.

He tells us two things, if we choose to hear them. First, the comparison between the log and splinter is crucial. He lays the log inside our eyes, not our neighbor’s eye. He tells us our own sin is exponentially greater than the sin of our neighbor, and there must lie our focus.

Second, He tells us until we are clear of all sin, we have no right to judge the sins of another. The apostle Paul backs that up when he tells us, “all have sinned and fall…

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