Psalm 119 Preface

Psalm 119, as I’m sure you know, is the longest chapter in the bible. At 176 verses, it is longer than many whole books!  Every verse says something about keeping the statues or commandments of the Lord, so if you read it all at once, it can see very repetitive.  The truth is that there are some amazing truths contained in these verses that we can all glean truth from and add depth to our relationship with the Lord.

The book is sectioned off n  verse sections, 22 of them in all, and each one has a heading of a letter of the Greek Alphabet.  An interesting fact I came across is that the verses within each of the sections all start with that letter of the alphabet.  We do not see that in the English, or probably any other language.  The writer went to great lengths to out this together.

After praying about how I would share this Psalm, II feel the Lord leading me this way.  I am going to share with you somewhat of a rewrite of each verse.  Each day  will take one 8 verse section and after each verse, I will write it as I see that verse applying to my life.  I may use one sentence or several to explain this.

I pray that the words He gives me will be a blessing to you, and welcome your  comments and thoughts as we go through this fascinating part of God’s word.  I will start this journey tomorrow.


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