Choose the Right Way

25  My soul clings to the dust;  Revive me according to Your word.
I feel empty and alone today, Lord.  I am clinging to life itself, which you made from the dust of the earth.  I ask you to bring revival to my weary soul, as you have promised in your word.  Make me alive again!
26  I have declared my ways, and You answered me; Teach me Your statutes.
I  have asked for your forgiveness because of the wretched way I lived my life before knowing you.  And you were gracious enough to forgive me and blot out my transgressions forever.  Now I need to learn and understand your statutes and your ways, Oh Lord.  Teach me your word so that I might walk pleasing to you.
27  Make me understand the way of Your precepts; So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works.
Help me to understand how your word should interact with my life: How I should walk, How I should talk, How I should act, How I should treat others, What words should I speak.  I will meditate on all that you have done for your people, and follow your example when I am with others.
28  My soul melts from heaviness; Strengthen me according to Your word.
My soul is slowly becoming weaker and weaker from the heaviness in my heart.  Please send me the strength to endure through these trials.  I have seen in your word how you have strengthened the saints in the past so I know you can do it today as well.
29  Remove from me the way of lying, and grant me Your law graciously.
Help me to always speak the truth.  Little white lies pop-p ever once in a while and I know these are not pleasing to you..You desire that I tell the truth because your word s always truth.  I pray you will apply your word with grace in my life, because I need that covering,
30  I have chosen the way of truth; Your judgments I have laid before me.
I choose your word Lord.  I choose to follow it, as it gives me life, freedom and blessing.  I have laid out your judgments before me so that I can see them clearly and know what is right and wrong in your eyes.
31  I cling to Your testimonies; O Lord, do not put me to shame!
I cling to your word, Oh Lord, as I could to a life preserver. I hold onto it and depend on it to keep me safe from harm, and to deliver me when  might fall.  I also testify to those around me that  am standing on your word every day.  I pray you will not let me down, so that I am not shamed in front of those who may not believe, and so that my life might be a testimony that will lead others to you.
32  I will run the course of Your commandments, for You shall enlarge my heart.
When I follow your word to the full extent, you enlarge my heart for my neighbors and for others I come in contact with.  You encourage me to love them all, as you have loved us and gave your life for my salvation.  Help my heart to continue to grow in love as I run to your commandments for guidance and wisdom.

14 thoughts on “Choose the Right Way”

  1. Hi Pete, may the Lord continue to inspire you in His ways for you. You never can tell who inspires to read something here for their upliftment. I love reading these, I strongly believe my Spirit finds solace in your sharing hence my frequent visits.


    1. Thank you so much Marie! I am always amazed at what comes out when I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to start to writing. He just flows the words through me. I am glad to hear that you are blessed by the words.

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      1. I am and frankly today I didn’t want to click on your post for selfish flesh motives. I even wanted to rather click to unsubscribe but my spirit wouldn’t let me know peace until I read every word and was saying silent Amens and almost being ashamed of myself. I thank God for His Amazing Grace. He pours it out to each and anyone who turns to Him, and then He Leads you to the Waters… You either Pour in more or you carry out some… But those waters are the stillest and most refreshing you’ll ever find.

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  2. Hi Pete. Just a thought…it would be nice to know what chapter and verse you are quoting from in the Psalms. I’d like to read about the history and background of the verses…


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    1. In my writing, I am not quoting anything from the Psalms. Those are my words and thoughts when I read that particular verse. That is what the Holy Spirit speaks to me, verse by verse.


      1. I think I see. Do you believe yourself to be a prophet of sorts, Pete, or are you just taking biblical principles and putting them in your own words?


      2. No, not a prophet. I am merely sharing my heart with each verse – what it says to me, or how it prompts me to react. Simply heartfelt words that the spirit gives me as I go along, just like I do with the whole Psalms study.

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      3. I am still getting to know you, Pete. If you will, why not use the actual Pslam you are inspired by?


      4. I am looking over the posts and just realized that nowhere does it say in these recent ones that it is Psalm 119. Perhaps that’s where the confusion is. I will put Psalm 119 in the rest of these posts for that Psalm. The last three days have been out of Psalm 119, and my words are in plain text while the Psalm is in colored and italics. Does that help?

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      5. There you go, Pete! I’m glad to follow along with the 119th Psalm! I like your thoughts, just wanted to make sure they were from the Holy Word of God. Guess I could have run one of the verses into Google to find out where it was in the bible…I didn’t think of that until now! May the Lord bless you and your study…


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