I Am Your Servant

Psalm 119: 121-128  Ayin

121  I have done justice and righteousness; Do not leave me to my oppressors.
Lord, I have done my best to follow your word and execute justice and righteousness, but I am not perfect as you are.  Your justice and righteousness is always perfect.  Mine is corrupted by my flesh and my own thoughts of what is right and just.  I can only try my best to do as you would do, and I pray that you will honor that and keep my enemy at bay.
122  Be surety for Your servant for good; Do not let the proud oppress me.
Be thou my stronghold, Oh Lord, and count those things I do right to my credit.  I know I mess up way too often,  but you are my surety Lord – you cover me with your mercy and grace.  I am so blessed to have you watching over me and keeping the proud from oppressing me.  They always think themselves better than me, but you know what is right.
123  My eyes fail from seeking Your salvation and Your righteous word.
 I am forever seeking out your truth, Oh Lord.  My eyes are scanning your word day in and day out, looking for the fruits of salvation and the righteousness that you desire to impart to me.   My eyes grow weary trying to scour your truth so that I may walk more fully in your ways.
124  Deal with Your servant according to Your mercy, and teach me Your statutes.
I depend on your mercy every day, Lord, because everyday I find myself going the wrong direction in one form or another.  I pray you will always deal mercifully with me even though I don’t deserve it.  And as you extend your mercy, teach me the lessons I need to know so that the next time perhaps I can rise above the temptations of life and find myself walking in your statutes.
125  I am Your servant; give me understanding, that I may know Your testimonies.
I am here to serve you Lord.  I am here to serve your people, Lord.  I am here to serve this world as you did while you were on this earth.  Give me the understanding and wisdom to know how to minister to those around me, that the result will be a testimony of life to others.
126  It is time for You to act, O Lord, for they have regarded Your law as void.
There is only so much I can do to try and show people the beauty of your word and your judgments.  When this world rejects your word,  it’s time for you to show them, through your almighty power, that you are truth and light.  Help me to be the witness  need to be so that this world might see you.
127  Therefore I love Your commandments more than gold, yes, than fine gold!
There is no treasure on this earth that can replace your word, Oh Lord.  Men gather up their fortunes trying to make their lives better, they seek fame, fortune and power.  hey gather to themselves luxurious things.  But in the end, they are empty.  They did not put their treasure n heaven, and dd not depend on your word.  And that will leave them wanting for more all the time.  I have your word – it is all I need!
128  Therefore all Your precepts concerning all things I consider to be right; I hate every false way.
I consider your word to be right and true.  It is the one thing we can depend on to be right in this world.  While moral standards and truth are jumbled all around us, your truth remains as a standard buy which we should live by.  May I never turn from that truth, Oh Lord.

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  1. Shared so beautifully, Pete! The Lord is our strength and we need Him in our lives to keep us from the evil one. Your comments are very appreciated!


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