Feasting on Psalm 119

Whew!~  22 days in Psalm 119 went by fast!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Before we leave that chapter and head through the rest of Psalms, I decided to recap some of the high points for me (and there were many).  It is amazing the insight the author (traditionally thought to be David) gives on the benefits and blessings of the word of God in our lives.  He may refer to it as judgments, or testimonies, or precepts, or statutes or law, but all pf it comes down to one thing.  Without these words on these pages, we would have  little we could depend on!  So here s my list.  If  missed your favorite verse from this amazing Psalm, comment below!

I will not be ashamed when I keep His word(v 6)
I can cleanse my way by His word(v 9)
If I hide His word in my heart, I will not sin against Him (v 11)
God will remove me from reproach and contempt when I keep His word(v 22)
God will strengthen us in our weakness when we keep His word (v 28)
God will enlarge our heart when we keep His word(v 32)
We will have an answer for or enemies by His word  (v 42)
I will walk in liberty by obeying His word  (v 45)
The word causes us to hope (v 49)
We gain comfort in affliction through His word (v 50)
He becomes our portion by His word (v 57)
Our affliction is good because it teaches us His law (v 71)
His word is faithful (v  86)
His word is settled in heaven forever (v 89)
The word gives us life (v 93)
The word makes me wise (v 98)
The word gives us understanding (v 99)
God himself will teach me His word (v 102)
His words are sweet (v 103)
The word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (v 105)
He is out hiding place and shield (v 114)
The word gives light (v 130)
He directs His mercy to those who keep his word (v 132)
He will plead our cause (v 154)
The word gives us great peace (v 165)

Pretty amazing, Huh!  Tomorrow, Psalm 120!






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