The Blessing is on the Way

My daughter and her three children are heading to my house very soon.  Even though they only live 45 minutes away, our time together has bee very limited since I came up with cancer a year ago.  The type of cancer I have, Multiple Myeloma, and the resulting chemo treatments put a severe strain on my immune system, so we have been very cautious about being around anybody at all.  That has not changed, but this weekend iis special.

The two girls in the picture, Vanessa  (left) and Lyla (right) will be spending the weekend with us!  My wife is taking them to see the stage production of Annie at Hilton Colosseum on Saturday, and we just decided to take them for the weekend.  They are healthy and excited to spend the time with Mimi and Papa.  I think we are more excited.  It has been a long  time since they spent the night, which use to be a fairly regular occurrence.  It will be a great weekend.

The little guy, Johnny, is not supposed to be around me at all, since he is under 5.  My daughter is bringing him along, but will make sure he keeps his distance.  Kids that age are germ magnets, and my oncologist is adamant about me keeping my distance from anyone under 5, so we are taking a slight chance here.  When he turns 5 in January, I will be giving him a huge hug!

We feel so blessed to be able to have them here this weekend.  God is so good to us!  we will cask in the love they give us, and enjoy their sweet smiles and giggles and laughs all we can.  It will be a weekend to remember, and one we hope we can repeat with a little more frequency.

I pray your weekend is as good as ours will be!


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