Life's Blessings

Confusing Times

As most of you know, I am in he midst of chemo treatments for Multiple Myeloma.  Have been for 6 months.  Due to the nature of these treatments, I have pretty much been isolated during that time,  going out only when necessary.  One thing this does to a person is make them lose track of time,, especially in relation to special days – like Easter

Yesterday my wife brought home a bulletin from our church (she does every Sunday) and I suddenly realized my blog was running a week early!  I thought Palm Sunday was last Sunday and it is this coming Sunday!  All of you have been so kind iin not mentioning my date discrepancy.  what a wonderful community.

What this enables me to do is actually good.  I can spend a little more time on the events between Palm Sunday and Easter.  There are so many thing I want to discuss that I was wondering how  was going to get it all in.  I still may post more than once a day (as I will today).

To confuse things further, I have renamed this blog to better reflect what I am trying  to accomplish with this Blog.  Since I started posting several years ago, the purpose has changed, so I finally changed the name.    I  pray this did not throw all of you too much for a loop this morning.  I will also be working on the background theme a liitle bit today, so more changes are coming.

Thank you all for being patient with me.  I think I;ve got my dates straight ow, and just iin time.  My wife’s birthday is Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Confusing Times”

    1. Amen to that my friend! Now to figure out what to get her! I’ll be Amazoning this morning for a quick delivery of something nice! Or maybe just some flowers – she’s not big on gifts.

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