Commitment to God


I will be returning to these pages soon.  While my break was very refreshing, it also took me places I should not have gone.  It created idle time, and I learned some important things from this break, or perhaps I was just reminded of them.

The first is that pride s the greatest weapon our enemy has.  t can pull down even the h=best and brightest star, which Lucifer once was (Ezekiel 28:14-18, Isaiah 14:12-14).  he s very aware of what affect it will have on us, and on our relationship with God.  So he slowly sneaks t into our mindset unawares, and soon we are finding ourselves making decisions different than what God has told us.  We are finding ourselves and what we do important,more important than they are.  We are becoming a star, hoping that everyone  will see us,, and see just how right and how honest and how  just we are, when in fact we are just following our heart, which is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9)  We start to emulate others rather then being ourselves.  I saw this in myself and rather than put it under the blood, I succumbed and stopped writing – the wrong thing to do.

The second is when God tells me to do something, I should do that and not what I am telling myself, or what God  did not tell me to do.  The Psalms study was something He told me to do, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me, and will continue to be with 30  more Psalms to go.  But I, in my own mind (and pride) thought I should be doing more bible study.  Juts doing a Psalm, or a part of a Psalm, and reflecting on it’s meaning in my life wasn’t enough , was it?  I needed more, didn’t I?  God never told me I needed more – that was my own quest for knowledge (which can be, and is in me, pride).  He told me to reflect on Psalms.  So I will go back to that.

The third thing is that when you turn  your  mind off to God in one area, it’s easy to turn Him off in other areas too.  For those of you who are on  my Psalmist page also, you know I hear from God on a regular basis,  and write Psalms of praise ad reflection on a regular basis.  It was as simple as starting to write as He formed the wards in my  mind, and before I knew it, a song or a poem had arisen.  But during this hiatus, as I was getting used to not writing, I turned my mind off to those sudden words that would come to me in the night (mostly).  And very few new poems/songs have been written. That page will also start to see posts again.   If you are not following my Psalmist page, you can find it HERE

So I am going to start posting again.  It may not be daily, and sometimes it may.  With the new work I have at home, I am a little busier than I was before,  But I must do what God has asked me to do,so I will get back int it.I look forward to hearing from each of you, and  thank you for staying in touch!



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