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He is our Healer

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know I have been battling Multiple Myeloma cancer since March 10 of 2016.  I went through 2 stem cell transplants last year, and have been going through maintenance chemotherapy since November of 2016.  It has been a battle that I have always known God would bring me through successfully.  I have never lost faith, never gotten discouraged, and never doubted God was on my side.,  And the words of encouragement I have received from this community have been a true blessing.

Yesterday I had my nine month appointment with my new oncologist.  I have just started with a new oncologist, as the one I started this journey with has retired.  So I met him for the first time n that exam room, and he told me that there is no cancer in my body!  My blood stream is completely clear of all cancerous cells, and my bone marrow is clean.  I am healed, bu the power of God.  I give Him all the glory for the things He has done, and I thank you for your prayers through this journey.

I will still have about 15 more months of maintenance chemo, as that is the program I am in that boasts the highest success rate of this kind of cancer in the country.  I also still have the neuropathy that has plagued my for a year now, and I am believing God is going to heal that as well, although the doctors say that is unlikely.  My God will astonish the doctors!

I am grateful for all the prayers from friends and family that have touched the heart of God.  He has been merciful to me!


13 thoughts on “He is our Healer”

      1. I might have neuropathy too 😦 I don’t have insurance to be diagnosed and I just came to faith 4 months ago before my health declined. Maybe it’s a b12 deficiency I’m praying about it. Anyway, take care and BTW your blog is amazing 😊

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    1. Neuropathy is,a deadening of the nerve endings. It shows up in diabetic patients alot, and also is a side effect of chemotherapy, which is my case. Mine is not painful, but really slows me down, as it feels like I am walking on sponges. My Balance is close affected, of course. I am believing it will be completely healed by the power of God while the doctors say it probably won’t improve. I believe my God can astonish the doctors! Thank you for your prayers!


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