Don’t be Tossed at Sea

James 1:6 KJV

6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

Let’s quickly review where we have been so far because it ties in so nicely with where we are going. In verse 2 we learn that we should count it Joy when we fall into temptations. Why? Because temptations and tests try our faith and those trials of our faith will teach us patience. Why is patience so important? Because when patience is complete in us and we have learned how to wait on the Lord, we are perfected and we are ready to be used to fulfill the Master’s plan in our life. We will be content and will have no wants outside of a closer relationship with Jesus.

After James explains that process he tells us that if we lack wisdom we should ask God for it. Why?  During test we are going through God will give us wisdom and all we need to do is ask. He gives it out freely and in great quantities and He will never be upset or angry with us when we ask for wisdom. He will give it! Why? So that we can better understand why we are going through what we are going through. God wants us to know! And most likely he is speaking to you and telling you why you are going through the trial and you simply aren’t listening. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me. When I finally learn to listen I understood and then he could bring the trial to an end.

Now we come to verse 6. When we ask for faith the King James version says we need to ask with nothing wavering . Now I have always believed I knew what nothing wavering meant. It means having no doubt. And that is brought out in many other verses that use the same Greek word. For example in Matthew 21:21 and Mark 11:23 the Greek word used here for wavering is translated doubt. In Romans 4:20 it is used to talk about Abraham not staggering from the faith. In other words he had no doubt.  Acts 11:2 says that the people of the circumcision, or those who believed they had to follow the law to be saved, contended with Paul. In other words they doubted him. But I wanted to study a little deeper.

The Greek word for wavering out is the word  d i a k r i n o. The word spelled d i a is a word that means always. The word k r i n o means deciding mentally or judiciously. So putting those two words together means that we always decide mentally or judiciously. That my friends is not faith. Faith does not depend on our mental capacity to understand the situation. Faith does not judge the situation by the circumstances that we are in. Faith accepts what God says! When we walk in faith we walk according to what God has spoken into our lives and we pay no attention to what our mind and our judgement tells us.

I am thoroughly convinced that when Jesus walked this Earth He had that kind of faith. He had absolutely no element of doubt in any part of his body when He prayed for the sick, or when He cast out demons, or when He raised the dead or healed the lepers. He said they were healed and He believed they were healed.  His faith went out to them and they were healed. Every single person Jesus came across was healed. Excuse me, there might be one exception. In Acts chapter 3:1-7 we read about a man who has been sitting on the temple beautiful steps for his entire life. Jesus must have passed Him by and he was still not healed when Peter and John got there. I’m not sure why but this is the only case I can see where somebody wasn’t healed. Maybe he never asked Jesus for healing.

In any case when you read the account of Jesus you read that everybody that came to him was healed. If we had the same faith as Jesus everybody that we prayed for would be healed. I am convinced of that beyond a shadow of a doubt. But we see things mentally that tell us people aren’t healed. And we judge by what we see and what we hear. We always do that. That is defined here as wavering.  James admonishes us to have the kind of faith that doesn’t waiver. He says if my faith wavers it’s like the wave of the sea tossed to and fro with the wind.

Have you ever seen the movie “The Perfect Storm”. It’s a great movie to get an idea of what the ocean can be like in a storm. A Biblical example is when of the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee.  This sea has storms that come up very suddenly. Jesus told him to go over to the other side. In other words He told them that they would make it to the other side. But they fretted and stewed while Jesus slept. They were afraid and they doubted. They cried out to Jesus and He immediately calmed the Sea and the waves. And then he asked them why they didn’t have the faith that they would make it to the other side.

My friends, I have a long ways to go to have this type of faith but I am asking God to produce it in me. Guess how that type of faith comes. You guessed it!  Go back up to verse 2 -4 and you will see how this type of faith is perfected.  It is through having joy in our trials and temptations so that patience can be worked out in our lives. This is what faith is used for and how it grows. You have always heard it said that we should not pray for patience because it’ll bring trials. I would submit to you that if you pray for faith the same type of thing will happen. Let us learn to have the patience to wait on the Lord and ask Him to give us wisdom to understand why we have to wait.  Then let us be quiet and listen so that we can hear what He has to say. Then we will start to understand what He is doing in our lives to perfect His plan in us.


Be Blessed

3 thoughts on “Don’t be Tossed at Sea

  1. SR

    Wavering in that faith! Boy is that ever a temptation from the devil which hits most of us many times during our life with God.

    You know when I need healing or others, the prayer to which I say is, “Jesus, Healer.” I cannot tell you if I say those two words that I believe He is truly a healer, how many times I have been healed. I say that because I am also professing who He said He was/is. When I need comforting I will say, “Jesus, Comforter.” What ever I need I always say his name and what I am needing behind it. Another is, “Jesus, forgiver,” for my sins, after I repent of course.

    The more I say those words, the more my faith grows. I have to say this came about through many trials. For some reason those words always give me patience. Good post and God Bless, SR


      1. SR

        Yeah, you have been talking about that. 🙂 That is why I put it in there. BC everything you are saying here is lining up with things I have been through in my life. Have a great one dear friend. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have your knowledge, wisdom, and kindness. God Bless, SR

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