Have You Looked in the Mirror?

James 1:22-24 KJV

22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:

24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

I was a deceiver of myself and everyone else for years.  A Pharisee in every aspect.  A white washed sepulcher full of dead men’s bones is what Jesus said.  That was me

Pride will do that to a person.   The trouble with pride is that the person who has it the most sees it the least.  I had a huge dose, and it took a lot if hard work and study to finally are myself in that mirror. I’m so glad the Holy Spirit finally got my attention.   You can read more of my Pride testimony HERE.

I bring this all up because I was a doer of the word externally but I was far from it internally. To everyone who saw me in church as a worship leader and a deacon and a lay minister I had the whole package. I was looked up to as a beacon of light to all those who saw me.

But in my private life I was immersed deeply in sin and I was almost beyond the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When He did come and talk to me I didn’t listen. There were times that I almost got caught in my sin and I was so prideful that I even thought these were moments that God had mercy on me and kept me from being caught.

All of this was brought back to my memory just a few days ago when after I took my shower I forgot to brush my hair. I looked in the mirror and forgot about fixing my outward appearance. Thankfully I later remembered to correct it.

How many times do we read the word and feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, only to get busy in our day and  forget to apply the word we just were convicted by?  I ask you to go back and read that last question again.  I have to answer too many times.

Being a does of the word means that we carry out the things that Jesus taught us to do, and that the inspired writings of the New Testament teach us.   It means that we live in the instructions of the Proverbs and praise in the way of The Psalmist.  It means that the word is a lamp unto out feet and a light unto our path.  It means that we are salt and light in a dark a distasteful world.  It means we forgive everyone who wrongs us and that we pray for our enemies.

Being a doer of the word means we pray for the sick so they will recover, that we deliver the captive, that we open blinded eyes and deaf ears.  It means that we prefer others before ourselves and we rejoice whit those who rejoice and weep with those that weep.   It means that we go into all of our world and preach the Gospel.

Are you getting the picture?  We have all heard all these things and many more.   Maybe you are ahead of me, but I have been more of a hearer than a doer.  I have looked in the mirror and walked away without changing anything.  I have looked in God’s word, been convicted by the Holy Spirit, and not made the changes I need to make..  How about you?

James asks us to listen when the Holy Spirit speaks and to do what the word says, not just with eye service, but with our whole heart.  Let us all heed the call and change the world around us!

Be blessed

4 thoughts on “Have You Looked in the Mirror?

  1. SR

    Now you know I gotta have a question on this one???? 🙂 I am not asking you this in any way form or fashion as to condemn. I am really curious.

    I went and read your other post on pride. Now, with all that you were doing. All the knowledge you had on God’s Word. Your wife telling you. Okay question!!

    How did you think God was going to “overlook” it all? That baffled me. I know somewhere inside of you, you knew different?

    Were you just lying to yourself about it, or did you really believe it, I guess is what I am wondering? God Bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      I was lying to myself. I was looking in the mirror and not seeing what manner of man I was deceiving myself. Pride has a way of doing that. It deceive you into thinking that what you’re doing is okay when all along you really know that it’s not. So you make excuses and find a way around it. And I was steeped deep but no one knew. All my wife knew was that I was prideful she did not know of my sin until it was revealed when I lost my job. I lost my job while I think I explain that in the pride post. There are for more Pride posts that I did that I think I will be redoing here soon since I have so many new readers. Stay tuned for those. I didn’t answer your other question how did I think God was going to overlook it? That is also Pride. It justifies Behavior. Thanks for example the person who gossips they know gossip is wrong but they think God will level look a little thing. That’s Pride. What is a person who lies you get out of a situation and thanks God will Overlook it because telling the truth would get the person in trouble. That’s Pride because it justifies.

      When you are steeped in Pride all kinds of things can slip through the cracks and you justify all kinds of actions that are dead wrong

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  2. SR

    Thanks so much for explaining to me. I could not piece it together knowing all of this was coming from you, bc of your knowledge then and now. When you said, “You were lying to yourself,” then I understood. That is one of the things of pride, isn’t it. Always kind of makes us justify our sins, doesn’t it. Again thanks so much for clarifying. Please do not think I was condemning you. I just could not piece you and this belief going together. 🙂 God bless, SR Yeah would love to read the other post, please reblog.

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