Giving Thanks

It is way to obvious to me that we should give thanks to God on this day if the year (and every day for that matter).  Just look around at what He blesses you with every day.  Sun, moon, stars, air, clouds, rain, flowers, grass, wind, sunrise, sunset. rivers, streams, mountains, valleys,  a heart,  a mind, liver, kidney, stomach, family, friends Oh my, I could go on endlessly giving thanks for so many things.

Shouldn’t we also take this season to thank those in our lives who are important to us?  Those who have cared for us, or provided a service, or have been there for us?  I neglect to do thus too often and vow to change that this year.  People like:

Your family doctor
Specialty doctor’s you may have seen
Mail delivery person
Church deacons and/or elders
Lawn car personnel
Snow removal
Ups, FedEx driver
Supervisors at your job
Insurance person
Police officers

That covers a lot.  Take the time to tell these people thanks as well as your family and closest friends this year.  A thank you goes a long way!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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