What Are You Teaching?

James 3:1 KJV

My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.

Chapter 3 switches gears for us and has an interesting beginning since most of the rest of the chapter deals with our tongues and the words we say. The previous section deals with James’s contention that faith without works is dead..  The truth about works, however, is that they can make one proud and put them in a position here they feel they can instruct others in the right way to go because they are bearing fruit through their works.  The truth is that this pride can make one feel others should be doing the same as them, and that is just not the case.  We are all called to different works, each just as important as the next.   No one on this earth can judge us for the works we do for the Lord, and that is what James now gets into.  Let’s take just one example.

I love to read all the different blogs that I am following. There are a wide variety of different authors that give me their perspective on various subjects every single day. I tend to follow only those people that I believe share sound biblical doctrine. I also follow some Christian poets. I know there are many more out there that I could be following but I only have so much time each day to read the blogs. At one time I was following 30 or 40 of them and found it next to impossible to keep up with all of them. It made me feel bad if I couldn’t read somebody’s blog when I was following it so I stop following almost all of them. Now I am starting to pick up some here or there and I’m glad for the ones that I have found.

It seems in a way that we all consider ourselves teachers in some aspect or another. Now you may not think of yourself as teaching anything but when you share your perspective on different portions of scripture, what different life lessons that you’ve learned, what is it if it’s not teaching others.  Our blogs state our thoughts about different parts of the Christian walk.  One day it may be love, the next hope, the next Christmas, and so on.  Sharing our ideas with others s a form of teaching – teaching another perspective to me.  I love that, and learn a lot about my on values in the process.

In this day and age one of the biggest teachers we have is YouTube. No matter what you want to find out how to do you can probably find a YouTube video that explains it. I had to do some siding this summer and I found a YouTube video that showed me how. When my wife and I got a lawn tractor we found a YouTube video that told us some of the secrets of operating it. Same thing with a scroll saw we purchased. I could go on and on and on. The people posting these videos are just everyday people that bought the same equipment and figured out how to use it. They post a video showing other people how to use it and they become teachers.  They most likely do not think of themselves as teachers, but they are nonetheless.

I don’t have any problem with YouTube videos. I think they’re wonderful and I use them quite often. And I don’t have any problem with the doctrinal teaching of people that I do follow online. I’ve learned some valuable life lessons in reading the various blogs and I read. But I do have to say that I have run across some blogs that seem to be teaching false doctrine in my opinion. And of those I have to be careful and I usually walk away from them. I did carry on a lengthy conversation by email with one gentleman who was trying to convince me of a certain belief that he had. He finally figured out that I was not going to change my belief system and gave up and I have not heard from him since.

I say all of that to say this. When we are writing our blogs we must be careful to be sound in our doctrine. We must realize that others read what we write and take it to heart. And God will hold us accountable for those things that we put into print. He says in one place that we will be held accountable for every word that we say.(Matt 12:36).  That also goes for every word that we write. I usually read my post several times over to make sure I stated things the way God wants me to. I do not want to be one to mislead people. And I think all of you feel the same way.

We cannot help the fact that people will look at our writings and sometimes be taught life lessons from them. I know several of you have had that effect on me and I have learned tremendously from many of you and I thank you for that. The last thing I want to do is have you stop. Let us all seek God’s wisdom when writing these words on our blogs that they may be a blessing to the reader and bring hope and joy and peace to everyone is sets their eyes on them.

6 thoughts on “What Are You Teaching?

  1. Sheila

    So true Pete. It’s a huge responsibility to teach God’s Word. I tremble every time I have to do it. I want to correctly portray not only his teaching, but his character and purpose. And know that is only possible through his help! Thanks for the reminder to be aware and careful!


  2. SR

    Wonderful “sound doctrine” here, my friend! If we could just get ourselves out of the way long enough to hear someone out, how much we can learn.

    Let me take you and I for instance. Completely different Churches with I am sure in some things completely different doctrines. Yet, where do I come when I am being stumped on something in Scripture? Right here!

    I do this bc I piece Scripture together and you help me do that. To me that is what it is about. It is not so much walking people through our “doctrines,” but walking them through Scripture and life with God.

    I know at times I post things you may say, “Well I do not know about that?” It is the same here with me, on any blog. The one thing I do before I get “all knowing” is to go check it out in Scripture and see where someone is coming from on it. Sometimes I find out they were right and sometimes I find I was right.

    It is not about being “right” is it, Pete? It is about just “putting the truth out there,” watching the way we do it, and pray it touches someone’s heart strong enough, they turn to God, and not away from Him. As you can tell, I loved this post! God bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      You are right on the money SR,. I don’t think I would ever argue with someone about Doctrine on their post. It is always much more beneficial to take the positive thing out of any post and focus on that. That is always what I try to do and I’m sure you do too.

      One thing I have always said to people is no matter what church they go to if they are really opened to the spirit of God they can find something in that service that will be a benefit to them. It can be a basically dead Church with a preacher that really doesn’t have any fire at all but you can still find something that will lift your spirit if you really want to.

      It’s the same with this blog. I pray that people will look past any Doctrine I might put out there and just look at something that can change their lives or minister to them. I am never here to change anyone’s mind. I am only here to make you think.

      Be blessed

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      1. SR

        There you go! You know it just dawned on me, I do not even know what Church you go to or what doctrine you follow! LOL! That is how much all of that means to me. 🙂 I am thankful it doesn’t mean anymore than that to me.

        If it did, I would have never of met you, and would of stayed away from you. What a loss spiritually that would have been to me! God Bless, SR

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