Resist Your Pride

James 4:6 KJV

But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

After telling us to have joy in temptation,  to let patience work in us  to perfect us  to show our works so people will see our faith, to control our tongues and to use Godly wisdom, James tells us He gives more grace.

Grace to cover all our mistakes.

Grace to pardon all our sins

Grace to forgive every unprofitable word  spoken.

Grace to make us right in Gods eyes.

This grace is extended to us when we humble ourselves before Him.  This humility comes from a heart that is broken over our sin.  A heart that weeps with every misspoken word.  A heart that hurts deeply with every complaint we utter,  every hurtful thing we do, every regret.  Humility comes through repentance.  Humility is so necessary.

Most of us try to avoid humility.  We prefer to say “I’m sorry” rather than “Will you please forgive me?” We prefer to text someone rather than make things right face to face. We prefer the easy way out. The way that will not damage our ego.  The way that won’t humiliate us.  The way of pride.  We will do almost anything to escape having our pride hurt, but that is exactly what we need the most.

God’s desire  is to rid us of our pride.  He hates pride (Prov 6:16-19).  So He uses all the means He can to put us into situations where our pride must be put down.  That is a lot of what thefursf 3 chapters are all about. Joy in temptation because in temptation we have to turn to Him for strength, this putting down our pride in our own strength.  Learning patience because pride wants to be in control.  Being a doer of the word and not just a hearer because pride wants to speak and do it’s own thing. Treating all as equals because pride wants to judge. Showing our faith by silent works because pride wants to boast. Speaking only Godly wisdom because pride wants to know it all.  Controlling our lusts because pride can do what it wants. Do you see how beautifully James has crafted this letter to reach this verse?

God resists the proud. There is nothing said in scripture that God wil not hear the prayer of the prideful or that He will not show mercy on the prideful.  It simply says He hates pride and that He resists the prideful. That word resists is very interesting.  It means to set oneself against in battle in a specific way in order to gain victory.  It means God decides on a specific strategy to battle your pride in whatever way He deems necessary at any given moment.  He uses the circumstances flute to mood and shape you day by day.  That usually means extending mercy and answering prayer in one area while He works on another area!  Can you see how much He loves you

Allow yourself to be humbled.  That is most pleasing to God.  Ask Him to reveal any pride to you so that you will better understand where He has to work, and then let Him do wha has to He done.  Remember that He allows everything for your good because He knows the plans He has for you  and He will hear you when you call (Jer 29:11-13).

Be blessed!

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