Today we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday.  In honor oof this great man, here is the dream Good has placed on my heart

I dream of one day not having too wear a mask every time I walk out the door because my immune system is fully healed.  I am now cancer free, but I am still doing maintenance chemo for another 9 months.  Then the doctor wants the mask on for 6 months after that.  With two stem cel transplants behind me my recovery is going well.  God has been merciful to me.

I dream of taking the healing message to thousands.  To share what our mighty God can do when we have absolute trust in His mercy. I acknowledged His goodness from the day I was diagnosed and never lost faith in His healing hand.  I will take this message to whatever church or group will allow me to share it.  God has been merciful to me.

I dream of hundreds coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  When they heaar of His great mercy and understand how much He loves themn they wil want to know this Savior.  They will have a desire they have never had before.  They will yearn for Him from their innermost being and come to the altar in true repentence.  They will give their lives to Him and never turn back.

I dream of the power of the Holy Spirit drawing people who are sick or have cancer, or some other dread disease, or who are lame, blind, deaf or disabled, to come to the services.  That their faith will be increased through the preaching of the word and by the power of testimony of God’s mercy.  That many wil be healed and made new again by His power and that God will get all the glory.

I dream of God smiling as He gives me the words to say and guides my steps as I share His amazng grace with all those who He draws to these services.  That He gets all the glory annd honor and praise.  That the choruses and songs He has given me will be shared in worship, lifitng up the hearts of the participants.  That His praises will lift up to heaven and bring Him joy.

This is the dream God has placed on my heart.  What is your dream?.


8 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. working4christtwo

    Thank you!

    What a gift from God it is to be able to dream. For dreaming leads to Hope, Hope to Faith and Faith to Love ; and to love is the reason we exist; to love our God and all those He places in our life’s path; most often without us knowing WHY even being aware that it is a part of God’s plan for each of us.

    So dream my friend; God is oh so GOOD. Amen


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  2. Bruce

    My hat’s off to you Pete, I’ve had my own health issues that God has graciously dealt with but they seem to be a walk in the park compared to what you have gone through. I can see your dream and I stand with you in yours. I love your dream. Most importantly I can plainly see how God has and is transforming you and no one can deny the love that is weaved between the words that you write. My dream …. to go through the doors that God opens before me and to learn more of His ways. I still have an awful lot to learn but I understand the process better now and will move forward as He leads. Funny, just when you think you’ve made progress He opens another door where you realize you’ve hardly really begun and previously neglected an area and it needs addressing. I’m going through one of those doors now. Please keep me in your prayers. Grace and blessings!


    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. They are so uplifting! And also thanks for standing with me as this dream unfolds. I will be praying witb you as your dream continues to evolve.

      Your words are so true. As we grow un Christ, He continually entrusts us with more truth. There is no end to the wonderful things he has for us. I pray that that your journey continues he will keep you strong and that you will always listen to his voice.

      Be blessed my friend

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  3. SR

    I dream also Pete, for the day you no longer have to wear that mask and take chemo treatments. However, I am so thankful to God that you are here to “wear that mask” and “take those treatments.” May God give to you the rest of your dreams as well.

    Am finally back after again battling that flu bug. I am trying to catch up on your post as I did not want to miss any on James. So bear with me! LOL! God Bless, SR

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