God Moves the Storm

Since we will soon be studying in depth the idea prayer, I thought I’d give you an example of a prayer that was answered today. I know some people would say that it’s just coincidence that this happened but I will never believe that. I believe that God intervenes on behalf of his people when they honestly pray and ask him to help.

I had an appointment today in Iowa City which is about 3 hours from our home. We traveled to Iowa City yesterday and the forecast yesterday was for a chance of patchy freezing rain in the morning.  This never happened.  The forecast or Monday was for rain to transition to snow at some time, and it would be blowing and drifting – almost blizzard conditions. We did not have any options on changing the appointment because of my wife’s work schedule so we went down and prayed that we would get home safely.

The trip down was no problem.  There was some rain and drizzle but other than that nothing slippery.  Overnight it rained hard – almost a summer rain, and we knew if that changed to snow, w were in big trouble.  As morning dawned and were watching the forecast, every indication was that the snow would slowly creep southeastward towards us. At the current time it was about 30 miles northwest of the town that we were heading back to. With a three hour drive ahead of us , the weather map radar future showed every indication that the snow would advance at least 60 miles, and we would run into blizzard conditions about 45 minutes from home. So we started praying.

As we got closer we kept checking the weather maps and it stayed the same for a long time. But when we got about halfway home and made a stop, I checked the weather again. Some dry air was moving up into the system right where we were headed!  The new radar actually showed the advancement of the snow going backwards as the dry air pushed up into place. I rejoiced and told me wife God is at work. Sure enough as we got closer to home we even saw a ray of sunshine, then it clouded back up and for the last half-hour on our drive it was dry. There was no more drizzle until just before we got to town.

I know that this is God working on our behalf. In the Bible we see things like Jesus calming the waters, Isaiah praying and the sundial going back an hour and Joshua praying and the sun standing still for 24 hours. If God can do things like that when someone prays,  He can certainly move a little storm on our behalf.

Sometimes we neglect to pray for things like this and I would ask why?  Isn’t God concerned with even the little things in our lives? Isn’t He concerned with our safety if we’re traveling on the road? Of course he is. Will he always answer our prayers this way? Probably not. I don’t know that we can go to God and say God you have to move this storm. We can expect it but there’s no reason to lay the blame on God if He does not decide to do that in any particular time. Believe me there have been plenty of times that I have prayed and the storm has not changed course and we had to travel through it. In those times we always come out safely as is shown by me still being here.

The key is when we do pray we must accept whatever answer God gives us without regret and without anger. When He does grant our request, acknowledge Him and thank Him for His mercy.  When He does not, do the same thing!  God knows what is best for us and if we have to go through a storm He knows that the storm is what we need.

Be blessed!

5 thoughts on “God Moves the Storm

  1. working4christtwo

    [QUOTE]The key is when we do pray we must accept whatever answer God gives us without regret and without anger. When He does grant our request, acknowledge Him and thank Him for His mercy. When He does not, do the same thing! God knows what is best for us and if we have to go through a storm He knows that the storm is what we need.[/QUOTE]

    Pete my friend, as we both know there truly is no such thing as :luck” or “coincidence”; everything no matter how minute; & up to life changing id controlled by Divine Providence; which is a theological expression meaning that God is always in-charge. Certainly ONLY GOD can influence the weather.

    And my friend Pete; you are precisely correct that ALL of OUR prayers should end as Jesus Himself taught US to pray: a Father THY will not MY will be done. AMEN!
    Thanks Pete, beautiful and faith-filled!


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  2. Bruce

    Hi Pete, I’m sure that when we get to see God face to face and we begin to finally understand how He was with us all the time, we will be in awe again for how He always watched over us. “Heaven only know” will have a different meaning. Thank you for sharing! Grace and blessings!

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    1. Pete Post author

      You are so right! I don;t believe in coincidence at all. I know this was no coincidence. t was one of the most phenomenal things I have ever seen – the storm moving backwards. Only God can do that!



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