A.S.K. – A Key to Prayer – Outline

This is the original outline from 20 years ago. Since we are going back through this study, there could be changes as we go along. If you see a category missing that you think should not be left out, feel free to make suggestions. I appreciate your input. Remember, this is meant to be a bible study, not a lecture series – join in!

Chapter 1 – What is prayer?
A) Conversation with God
B) Communication with God
C) Faith In Action
D) A.S.K.

Chapter 2 – Communicating with God
A) We Must Speak
B) We Must be Heard
C) We Must be Understood
D) We Must Expect A Response
E) We Must Listen For A Response
F) We Must Accept The Response

Chapter 3 – When Should We Pray
A) Time of Day
B) Situational
C) Responsive
D) Always

Chapter 4 – How Should We Pray
A) Silent or Aloud
B) Spirit or Flesh
C) Stand, Sit, Kneel, etc.
D) Humbly or Bold
E) In Faith

Chapter 5 – Why Should We Pray
A) Give Thanks
B) Give Praise – Worship
C) Bless Others
D) Make our Requests Known
E) Helps Us Be Fruitful
F) Strengthen Others
G) Strengthen Ourselves

Chapter 6 – Where Should We Pray
A) In God’s House
B) In Our House
C) Anywhere

Chapter 7 – What Should We Pray For
A) Healing
B) Finances
C) Safety
D) Deliverance
E) Guidance
F) Others
G) Government
H) Wisdom
I) Spiritual Growth
J) Know God’s Will
K) Emotional Stability
L) Spiritual Gifts


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