Does God Exist? Moral Standards

I just ran across Patricks’ blog, and he has some excellent posts on Does God Exits. Stop by and check him out sometime!

Patrick Meador

A few months back, while on a road trip with my dad and brother, we began to talk about the advance of technology and got on the subject of technology in cars. Some of you may remember the day when technology was almost nonexistent in the car world. Some of you may remember 8-track players, cassette players, CD players, and now cars seem to even be doing away with the auxiliary cable!

Nevertheless, in all of the progression of technology in cars, there is a new advancement that recent years have been focusing on more heavily: autonomous, self-driving vehicles. In the design and technology of these cars, there is one main issue: the moral coding of the artificial intelligence.

You see, drivers have to make many decisions on the road that aren’t necessarily routine. For example, let us say a child runs into the street and you have no time…

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