A.S.K. – The Key to Prayer Chapter 8 Conclusion

I want to start by thanking you for coming on this journey with me. It has been remarkable to go back through notes I made 30 years ago and redo this study. I have learned once again about the power of our prayers, and what God asks us to do in order for our prayers to be more successful. There is much more involved than just talking to God, although that is the essence of our prayers.

I am going to start doing two things as result of going through this study. The first is to keep a list of things that I am praying for. I daily pray for dozens of various things, if not close to a hundred. I am not sure if I will get them all on this list, as some things crop up mid-day and I’m not near my journal. But I will do my best. The first thing is to find the time to make the initial list.

Once the list is made, I will go back to it and check of the ones that get answered. I may even use dates when I started praying for it, and when it was answered. I have one person I was praying for to get a new job, and he got it within a week. Another job-related prayer is still in the works.

Do you keep such a list? I believe it will be beneficial for my faith. I have no plans to share it with anyone, except my wife, unless God directs me to. Answered prayer is never something we should boast about. I keep such a list of all my poetry and another list with all the songs I have written (which needs to be updated). Why not a list of prayers?

In a quick review, we talked about what I call the A.S.K. Principal. Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking. Asking involves being in the right spirit when we pray, understanding what God asks of us when we pray, and making sure we are asking according to scripture. We can be silent or loud, standing or bowing, on a mountain or in a boat. We can use our own language or our heavenly language. We can pray for anything the human soul and body requires as long as we have the right attitude and lifestyle to receive from the Lord.

Seeking involves being in His word, praying the way the Bible teaches us to pray, finding the time on a regular basis to be before God and regularly going to Him with our requests. It means looking at all the scriptures that address the need we have so that our faith can be built up. It means not giving up until we arrive at the answer.

Knocking means waiting patiently. It means submitting to His timetable, not our own. It means not grumbling or complaining when the answer doesn’t come right way. To means asking for wisdom to know what we may need to do to get to the answer. It means listening intently for God to speak and show us the answer.

We’ve learned that prayer is a simple conversation with God. The most important part of that conversation is listening. So often we miss the answer because we are too busy praying and don’t listen to what he has to say. Prayer should be a two-way conversation!
We’ve learned that prayer can be made anytime, anywhere for anything? God loves to hear our requests. What prevents us from coming to Him with our needs? Pride mostly. We feel we can handle things ourselves. So, we don’t pray about this thing or that and then find ourselves praying to get out of the jam we got into because we didn’t pray. Better to pray first, I say.

I pray that you have received as much as I have through this series of posts. Thank you
for every comment made and for all who took the time to go through the study with me.
I have started to work on the book, and have proofreading going on now. Do you think
this can sell as a book? I have never written a book before, so I have a lot to learn
about that process. It will be fun to learn what is involved. If you have any tips for me,
I am wide open to listen!

That’s a wrap!

4 thoughts on “A.S.K. – The Key to Prayer Chapter 8 Conclusion

  1. working4christtwo

    Pete my friend; for ME this has been a trip down memory lane {Pat: KEEP THIS IN MIND], it was thoughtful and well organized and well and logically presented.

    I’ve authored two books: Behold the Lamb of God & Catholic And Christian…..

    Neither were written in a “standard -novel” form. But as a series of instructions, much as you
    presented A.S.K..

    As the Covers Front and rear ARE your enticements; carefully word what your book is about. Be as general as possible if your seeking a WIDE audience. I was seeking a narrow one. Enticing artwork for the covers too is very important.

    When you receive back you’re Authors Review issue, READ it critically ans ask one or two trusted friends to do the same, Corrects after you sign-off corrections are very costly.

    I used TRAFFORD both times and was very satisfied with their helps, advice and services.

    Best of everything with your new book,


    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks for the tips, Patrick. I have asked my granddaughters to come up with a cover design, but told them it has to be good enough to use. I thought a hand drawn cover would catch any readers eye if done well.

      I will be seeking a wide audience, so that tip really helps. I will also have several review te authors review.

      I will check our Trafford, The publisher I am in contact with not is Xulon publishing. But I have not done much research into the publisher yet.

      Be blessed



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