A Little Pick-My Up

I was sitting today, trying to get over a cold which has plagued me for 5 days now. On top of that, I had my maintenance chemo treatments Wednesday and Thursday, so my body is weak. I just needed rest, which is a hard thing for me to do. I like to be on the go. Sitting around is not my cup of tea. I needed a lift out of this place of being a bit down.

As I sat here, I thought about how much God cares for me, and I thought maybe you could use a little picker-upper as well. You see, when we are in a place of hurt or weakness, it’s easy to get a little down. It’s easy to feel like we are alone. We can get into a place of pity for ourselves because of the place we are in. I do not like those kind of thoughts.

Then God spoke to me and reminded me of a scripture that we should all strive to keep in our hearts for just such an occasion as this. Psalm 139:17-18 tells us this:

How precious to me are your thoughts, oh God!
How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand—
when I awake, I am still with you.

It took me a long time to get my head wrapped around these verses. God has precious thoughts toward me? So many of them that they outnumber the sand of the sea? How can that be? I do so many things wrong! There are so many times I fall short of what He asks me to do! There are so many times I do things I know God would not like so much. I say things that are hurtful to others. How can He have precious thoughts of me?

Yet He does – more than I can imagine. Those thoughts are always there. When I think about that, how can I be down? How can I be discouraged? For me, it is impossible. These words lift my spirits every time, and I will endeavor to keep them in my heart and mind for such a time as this! I hope you will too.

12 thoughts on “A Little Pick-My Up

  1. Bruce

    Hi Pete, it’s very rare that when down, God’s Word doesn’t lift us up. Sometimes it is a task just to go to His Word because of how we feel but it’s always worth the effort. I thank you so much for sharing your faith and your insights. Hoping and praying you feel better soon. Grace and blessings as always.

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  2. working4christtwo

    Each of us is a Creation {literally} of our God. What artist; what worker is not pleased {often at least}, with what He has made, constructed, accomplished. So as we take a certain amount of pleasure in OUR accomplishments {making full use of the GIFTS grated to us by God; so too GOD takes pleasure in the RIGHT use of the Gifts He has given to each of us.

    Doing God’s Divine and Perfect Will for each of us, is its own reward.

    Praying for you my friend,

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  3. Wendell A. Brown

    Pete, thanks for your visits, and my brother I will keep you in prayer for healing! I have several illnesses, and yet God keeps me strong! Here is a poem I was led to write because of the many who suffer many infirmities. Know that God is with you as is the spiritual love of all who know you!!!

    A Prayer For Healing

    You will ever be the love who sustains me
    The joy which will always enrich my soul
    You consistently will be the true happiness
    Which my spirit will always seek to know

    When troubling times try to surround me
    When in my life it seems I cannot go on
    I will wait on You Lord in constant prayer
    For my faith in You will keep me strong

    I pray to You from deep within my heart
    To take my troubling illness far away
    For I know whenever I pray to You Lord
    You’ll send your blessings without delay

    I pray for the wellness of those sick today
    As You send Your healing blessing their way
    That any sickness which tries to overcome them
    By Your amazing grace in their lives won’t stay

    Please bless all of their families this morning
    With a true healing gift which will never fade
    And we will send You many prayers of thanks
    Which will glorify Your name daily in every way

    You, Lord, are the One who provides sweet blessings
    The living God, who showers us with love each day
    And we steadfastly believe in Your awesome power
    Knowing its healing energy will nourish us always.

    Wendell A. Brown
    This poem I wrote, I am beset by MS and a number of infirmities!
    I know the Lord, and He has always answered me, He will also
    answer you God bless!

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    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you so much Wendell. That is a beautiful poem. I know that God is with me every step of the way. Just like he was with the Israelites as they wanted the desert sometimes we go through desert places with him. But he was always there and I am so thankful for his grace and mercy.

      Be blessed



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