No Law Against

Galatians 5:22-23 KJV

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

I hate to admit this. There are just some things, some parts of verses, that I just kind of skip over every time I get to them. They just seem to be hanging around, not much use to me. I do realize that God says the entire Bible is inspired and is profitable for me, but I still roll past some words like they have no bearing on my life.

These words have always been in that category until I did this study. In fact, I was not going to write anything about this last portion of scripture. I was going to go on to the rest of Galatians and leave this be. The Fruit of the Spirit is enough meat out of these two verses

Then God corrected me.

He spoke to me spirit and said write about the significance of what the end of verse 23 really says. I told Him I wasn’t sure, but He assured me once I started writing He would help me see why these 6 words are so of. Ok, Lord, Here I am!

Against such there is no law. No law has ever outlawed these things, and let’s hope that no law ever will. After all, how can someone outlaw love, or joy or faith? Let’s take a close look at just how true and how wonderful this fact is.

There is no law against love. This basic need of human existence cannot be outlawed. It pools deep within us like an ocean just waiting to engulf those around us. But bigger than that is our need for love. We are no talking here love, which is corrupt and full of lust. That is so readily available we can never miss out on it. But it is no substitute for this Fruit of the Spirit love. This love is a true giving love that puts others first and treats all others with respect and dignity.
There might be some out there who would say that we are making laws that restrict love. The current culture wants marriage to be a word that describes any kind of relationship that is loving and caring in this world. There are those that feel we make a law against love when we say that marriage is between a man and a woman, and needs to be defined that way, the way the bible defines it from the beginning. But even if we do make a law against this form of love, this is not the godly Fruit of the Spirit love that Paul discusses here. So there is still not a way against love and there never can be. Those of us who care Christians will always have this love inside us and we will always do what we can to spread it to others. It is planted within us, yearning to get out and spread its seeds to those around us.

There is no law against joy. We are talking about joy here, not just happiness. This joy is sop much more than happiness. This joy is like a fountain to those who walk in the spirit. It bubbles up inside us and cannot be contained by any effort of man. No matter what comes our way we are filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. When we are tempted and tried we face it with joy. When life seems dark and gloomy, this joy comes in the morning.
There are some that say we make laws against their joy when we outlaw things that make them feel better, or make laws against things that they enjoy doing. The current culture looks to ease laws on some drugs that many feel should be available because, like alcohol, these drugs make them feel good. They make them feel happy. But do not confuse this happiness with joy. Laws that are made affecting our happiness have no bearing whatsoever on our joy. The Fruit of Joy is much deeper and more significant than mere happiness. It is planted within us, yearning to get out and spread its seeds to those around us.

There is no law against peace. Quite the contrary, we make laws all the time hoping to attain peace. Peace is something the world longs for and cannot attain. Nation rises against nation because of differences in idealism, border disputes or long-standing feuds. Our inner-streets are run by gangs who see violence as a way of life. People have disputes with others because of differences in religion, life philosophy or the color of their skin. Peace in this world is a long way off.
But the peace that is the Fruit of Peace is always prevalent. It is not subject to human passions or disagreements. It is deep within us to keep us calm when the storms of life rise up against us. This peace flows through us like a river that never stops, that has no ending or beginning. Our task is to call on is when we have need of it and spread it to others, sowing the seeds of peace to all around us, despite the world’s seeming lack of peace.

There is no law against longsuffering (patience). If there is one thing this world needs more of it is patience. We see everyone wanting their own way now, not later. The haste with which we often treat each other is not God’s way. God would have us bear with one another and hold our opinion when it could cause problems. Nations make laws that say they will be more patient and bring sanctions against those who do not want to play by the rules.
There are no laws made that say patience cannot be exhibited. I have never seen anyone who would even suggest we put some law in the books that would stop people from being more patient. The Fruit of patience is always there for us if we call upon it. We need to be the ones who show patience with others and spread it to the rest around us.

There is no law against gentleness. Can you even begin to imagine someone making a law that says you must be loud and vulgar? Or a law that dictates we all should fly off the handle at the drop of a hat and treat each other with disrespect all the time? Of course not! Even though so many in our society act like this on a regular basis doesn’t mean we will ever make a law condoning this behavior. Quite the opposite in fact. We are always trying to get people to be more civil, and making laws that tell people to be more gentle and kind – I think of anti-bullying laws right away.
Our world needs more humility as well There will never be a law that says you must be proud and exalt yourself above others. There will never be a law that tells us we must boast and brag about our accomplishments. There will never be a law that dictates we must not be humble and nice to each other. The world needs more of all of these traits, not less. We must display this fruit at all times in hopes that some seed will fall on fertile ground and grow in the hearts and minds of those around us.

There is no law against goodness. If there are laws against any of the fruit of the spirit, this one might come the closest to having a law against it. Goodness speaks of moral character and conduct. It embodies doing the right thing, or being righteous, in all situations. This moral character and conduct is that which God condones, not our human tendencies. Our morals can be changed and can corrode with the culture we are in. The fruit of the spirit goodness will not decay or corrode. This moral character stays true to the intent God had for it all the time.
Many nations, including our own, are no enacting laws that give place to questionable moral behavior. These laws dictate that we must accept things as normal that God calls abomination. These laws dictate that wed must lower our moral standards and go against our own moral code of biblical truth when servicing our customers. That is why I say this could be seen as a law against goodness. But in reality, it is not. Because this fruit within us cannot be touched by human laws. It is given by God, and only He can remove it from us. Even though this world might try to destroy this fruit, it will remain for all to see. And the seed that comes form that will continue to be fruitful.

There is no law against faith. No one can ever tell us we cannot believe. It would be impossible for a law to be made against this basic tenant of our human existence. God says He has given to every man “the measure of faith” (Rom 12:3). It is rooted deep within us from our birth, and goes with us all the days of our life. No government can ever say that it is forbidden to believe in things, no matter what those things are. Even in Hitler’s Germany, the Nazi’s believed in something – in their superiority. It may have been a messed up belief, but it still took faith!
Making laws against certain faith systems and beliefs is not making a law against this fruit of the spirit. In countries where Christianity is outlawed, people are still allowed to believe and have faith in God, or Allah of whatever other religious system they are a part of. People cannot be told they must abandon their faith all together! Having faith is a fundamental right of all. Sharing that faith will produce a harvest of both faith and souls.

There is no law against meekness. Today we see people boasting all the time in their accomplishments. Sports stars exalt themselves for the way they played that last game. Movie and TV stars have endless awards shows that lift them up and make them feel like they are the best. Politicians do everything they can to put their best face on degrade their opponent. There is no quiet strength – only boasted strength.
There is also a prevalent air of offense. It seems people take offense at the slightest thing anymore. People’s feelings are hurt by a passing comment. Things are taken out of context all the time. Then these injuries are gossiped about and bickering ensues. There is an endless stream of bad feeling and discord because everyone takes offense so easily.
No one would ever consider a law against meekness. It is lost in our society. We need to display this fruit all we can so that others will see it is possible to live above the offenses of others. As we, the body of Christ, do everything we can to show others this meekness that inherits the earth, they will see how to overcome the injuries and offenses that this world will bring.

There is no law against temperance. Let’s make a law that says people must drink all the alcohol they can on a daily basis. Or maybe a law that they must eat all the food in their cupboard every day. Or perhaps a law that says they must always shout as loud as they can, no matter where they are. Absurd, isn’t it? Why would we make such laws? These would be laws against our natural instinct to do things in moderation, or with temperance.
We would not dare make such laws. Mankind has a need for temperance in all things. This fruit of the spirit helps us as Christians be more approachable to those who are seeking, or even those who are lost. It makes us hold back on being overbearing in our witness to the point of driving people away. We need this fruit so badly in our society today. But most of all, we need this fruit in our witness.

As you can see, the Fruit of the Spirit are essential not only to the body of Christ, but to the whole world. They need us to be examples of what life could be like if only they would taste the Spirit for themselves. There will never be any law made that can make these things of lesser value in our world. They are invaluable!

Be Blessed


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