The Reason

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Be blesses

Pete's Bible Studies

Are your prayers being answered on a regular basis? If they are not you might want to examine the reason that you are asking what you are asking. It is critically important that if we want prayers to be answered that we ask for what God promises to give us.

In James we read that people are not getting their prayers answered because they were asking to consume it on their own lusts (James 4:3). How often do you pray for things that all about accumulating wealth in your life.  These things will bring you glory and most likely make you proud.  God knows if He answers these prayers, it will drive you away from Him. God knows effects of such a prayer would be devastating on your life  Often, He will not answer prayers like  this.

However, if He knows that you will take that wealth and give it…

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2 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. working4christtwo

    “Wisdom” is the goldmine of Prudence.

    We are to TRULY keep on seeking a closer; a more intimate and personal relationship with Jesus, no matter the “place” we are currently in. Not to do so is to slide backwards.

    Thanks Peter and best of everything for your book,

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