The Next Study

I’ve been a little delayed in starting this next series because I had my grand-daughter here for 2 weeks and that kept me busy, along with other things around the house.  I was also waiting for the Lord to reveal which way I should go next.  This morning, as I was preparing for my morning walk, I heard from Him, so now we can start our next journey.

The Sermon on the Mount will be our next bible study.  I am sure all of my followers are familiar with this great sermon from Matthew chapters 5-7.  Jesus covers so many different topics here that in today’s’ church it would not be deemed a very effective message because it goes too many different ways in such short time.  We like our nice, neat three point sermons that follow a straight line.  This sermon is about a 25 point (if not more) sermon that touches every aspect of our Christian walk.

I am going to take my time, as always, going through this, in many cases taking just one verse a day.  There is so much to learn from this that I look forward to digging deep and praying hard for God to reveal new things to me and to you as we study.  I hope you will all come along!

Be blessed

2 thoughts on “The Next Study

  1. Efua

    Really looking forward to this. I have recently completed a series on the Beatitudes on my blog and I learnt so much from it. I believe the word of God is always new and that there will be new revelations that will be revealed through you. So yea, excited to see what’s ahead.

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