Blessed Are They Who Mourn

Matthew 5:4

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Mourning is a natural occurrence in our lives.  It is a time of deep sorry that usually is associated with a death.  The Greek word used here is pentheo.  Properly, it means to grieve over a death.  Figuratively, according to the Bible lexicon, it can mean to grieve over a personal hope or relationship that dies.  This verse takes on deeper meaning than we see at face value, as it is with most things Jesus says.  there is always a deeper meaning behind His words, and we can always learn more about ourselves when we dig deeply.

What are we mourning over here?  What should we mourn over?  The first thing we should mourn over is our own sin.  Remember what the first beatitude says?  Blessed are the poor in spirit.  The poor in spirit are the humble, the ones who have put their pride aside and have submitted to the Lord with all their heart.  When we are humble, we will feel a deep grief whenever we disobey the Lord.  We will be grieved by any sin that might enter our lives, even if it is unintentional.  We should mourn over any sin that may come.  We should mourn over pride when it rises up in our hearts again.  The big question is do we recognize the pride within us?

I went years wallowing in pride I did not see.  My wife told me over and over again that I was full of pride, but I did not listen.  This pride allowed me to think  I was above the law.  Not the law of this land, but the law of God.  I allowed sin in my life and refused to think that God would judge me for it.  After all, I loved Him.  I was worship leader and the Holy Spirit was evident as I led worship.  I occasionally filled in preaching, taught Sunday school, was an elder in my church.  All the while I was walking in deep sin.  Deceiving everyone around me.  Eventually it cost me my job and almost my marriage.  I was in deep trouble.  I went to Pure Life Ministries because of my wonderful Pastor whom I had betrayed and hurt.  That is where I came face to face with that pride for the first time and it tore me apart.

It was not until I mourned over that sin that I was comforted.  It was then that the Good Shepherd came to me and brought me out of that pride.  He led me ever so gently to a place where He was first again, and the thought of turning back to that sin was far from my mind.  I only wanted to please my Lord once again.  I only wanted to do what he asked me to do.  Never again did I want that pride to rise up. 

I gave my wife permission to let me know if she saw pride in me, and I promised I would listen, a promise I have kept for the last 10 years.  When I left PLM, I was told not to get back into any type of ministry or leadership role for at least 2 years.  I sat on the bench.  I worked some odd jobs, even landing at McDonald’s for 6 months (which I absolutely loved).  My new Pastor wanted me to get back involved and so did others, but I would not.  Not until my wife said it was OK. She would have the final say.

About  20 months after returning home, we were at a tent meeting that we regularly attended.  We loved to help out in the kitchen.  One morning, one of the ministers there came in and asked the leader of the meeting if he could start having a morning Bible study.  The leader said yes.  I went over to my wife and asked her if maybe we could help this man whom we loved by leading worship for him. She said OK, and the minister agreed.  We had several nice morning services and enjoyed  a time of worship.

Later that week during the meeting, I was under the tent when that same minister was giving an exhortation.  He had come to the point in the service when often a word of prophecy would come forth.  He walked back to me and said that God was going to do a new work in my life, one that I would never have suspected.  This work would come suddenly and would be pleasing to God and to many others.  He said it would be like nothing I had ever done before, and it would bring glory to God.

I wept as his words came forth.  I had no idea what this work would be, but the comfort that the word of prophecy gave me was incredible.  My time of mourning over my pride had finally come to an end.  We went back to our church and my wife told the Pastor I was ready to help with worship again if he so desired.  I had never led worship under this pastor, but had discussed my calling and my fallout with him so he knew.  He allowed us back right away.  He’s a wonderful man of God.

Then it happened.  I was driving on my job and all of a sudden I got words in my head and a melody along with them.  I had previously had many tunes go through my head, but never words.  I was flabbergasted, not knowing what to do.  I pulled over to the side of the road, wrote down the words and recorded them into my cell phone.  A few days later I visited my pastor and sang him the song, explaining the circumstances.  He loved it.  I asked him what I should do and he just said keep listening.  I did.

Since that day, God has poured more than 300 worship songs and choruses through me, and over 2,000 poems.  They just keep coming.  There is no explaining it except to say that the spirit of God just takes over for 15 to 20 minutes and there it is, the finished work.  I post whenever I get a new poem, or song, or psalm on my Psalmist blog, which many of you follow as well..  The new work that was prophesied under that tent is still flourishing, almost more now than it did at first.  I am in awe of God.

Have you gotten to the place where you mourn over your sin?  Do you have pride in your life that you are allowing to control you?  I am convinced that everyone should have someone else who can be their pride monitor.  Pride masks itself so the individual cannot see it, and it will lead you to places you should not go.  Until you mourn over your pride, you will never find comfort from it.

In Psalm 139, David begins by saying that God knows every thought he has and knows exactly where he is at all times.  But at the end of the Psalm, David gives God permission to do something that we also should daily ask God to do.

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:  24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

If God knew all Davids thought, why would this prayer be necessary?  Because only God can reveal to us our pride.  No one can ever tell us we are full of pride because we will not listen.  When God starts to deal with your pride, you will know it.  But God will not deal with it unless we ask Him to.  he does not intrude on our livers without being asked.  God is a gentleman, always acting in mercy and grace.  If we allow Him to search our hearts and reveal our wicked ways, He will.  When we see them and mourn over them we will be comforted.



3 thoughts on “Blessed Are They Who Mourn

    1. Pete Post author

      Yes, it certainly is Patrick. Good to o hear from you. I hope I can get going here again. My Psalmist blog goes on anyway. Been a busy summer with grandkids and now we have a new puppy. Does life ever slow down?

      Be blessed



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