Christmas Time is Here

For the last three years, I have taken the month of December to share some of my favorite Christmas Music.  There are so many wonderful songs written for our Saviors birth, so this is always a tough choice.  This years selection took me weeks to comb through and order.  I only hope I can get all the postings up in a timely manner.

We are expecting up to a half foot of snow today in Northern Iowa.  I don;t know about you, but I love a white Christmas.  There is just something about the beautiful white snow that reminds me all is right in the world when Jesus reigns in our hearts.  I recall one particular Christmas that still brings me fond memories.

We always went to a Midnight service on Christmas Eve as kids.  My mom would have us take a nap before so we would stay awake to hear the scriptures as they told the story of Jesus birth.  I really loved these services, even as a young man.  But this year was different because there was no snow.  In New England back in the 50’s and 60’s this was a rare thing.  We always had snow on the ground at Christmas.  But not this year, and there was none in the forecast.  After the service we went to bed a bit sad about that fact, but happy that Christmas was now here and in a few short hours we would be able to open presents.

We arose the next morning and upon looking outside we shouted with glee.  A fresh snowfall of about 2″ had blanketed everything.  The pristine snow shimmered under the dawning sun, and we knew Christmas Time was Here.  Enjoy this rendition of that old song by Bebo Norman.



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