I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

We lived in a small town just north of a larger city in Massachusetts.  Our town was not quite rural enough to have horse drawn sleighs going around to various houses.  I sure would have loved to live during that time, to hear the bells ring out as a sleigh full of holiday revelers enjoyed a ride on Christmas day.

We did, however, occasionally have a bell choir in our church on those Christmas Eve services.  The bells sounded out gloriously as we listened when each one played.  It always amazed me how they could make a tune with various size bells. At the time I didn’t understand how that worked.   As I grew older, that concept of the bells grew more alive in me, and I just wanted to be a bell for Jesus Christ, sounding His praise in the tune He had given me.

Each one of us is given a tune to play.  You may think you play off key or in the wrong notes, but your praise is always pleasing to God.  Each one of us are bells in that heavenly chorus, and we should give all we have to lift His name.  Make sure this Christmas, God can hear your bell chime.

Enjoy this rendition done by Casting Crowns.


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