This Baby

He was just a tiny little thing.  Born in a stable to two parents who had traveled many days and miles only to be turned away at the inn when they arrived in Bethlehem.  They must have been very disappointed as they made their way back to that stable, tired and worn out from the journey.  But they knew everything would be all right. After all, an angel had appeared to each of them telling them their child would be someone special.  He would be a man of God, the promised Messiah.  God would make sure this baby was born safely.

That night, Mary delivered her baby in that stable and placed him in a feeding trough on some hay.  They wrapped him in some tattered rags to keep him warm on the chilly night.  This was not a fitting entry for the Messiah, but this was God’s way.  With all humility and lowliness Christ came to this earth.   It’s a lesson we all should learn.

Shortly after the child was born, shepherds came running to the stable.  They told of a great angelic host appearing to them as they watched their flock.  The angel told them to come and see the Messiah, that one who would bring good news to all mankind.  As much as they were afraid at the sight, they were also excited about the news.  Everyone had been waiting for the Messiah to come and he was now here.  The shepherds bowed and worshiped this baby born that night.


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