Away In a Manger

We all want the best for our children.  Especially when they are born.  We want a good facility with a clean room and a doctor with warm hands.  We want to make sure everything is just right for that baby to be born.  Our children were all born in this kind of environment,  We were blessed to be able to get there in time and have the best care.

Mary and Joseph were not so fortunate.  Joseph had to go to Bethlehem because of the census.  His pregnant wife had to travel with him because the baby would be born before he would return.  He wanted to see this baby because he knew it was not ordinary child.  he was told he would be the Messiah, promised for centuries.  Joseph wanted to make sure everything was perfect. So he loaded up the necessary things for the trip, put Mary on the donkey and set out on the 97 mile journey.  It would probably take them 2 weeks to get there.

Once they arrived, Joseph dream of a perfect birth was shattered when they could not find a room at any of the inns in town.  One innkeeper was nice enough to tell them they could bed down in a stable out back where the horses of other guests were kept.  the stable was noisy, smelly and dirty.  I can;t imagine having a child in such an environment, but this is all they had.  We like to think it was the pristine setting depicted in this song. but it was not.  Still, Jesus came in  the most humble of settings.


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