Josephs Song

He was a simple man.  A carpenter by trade, he worked with his hands and was well known in the community.  He regularly attended the synagogue but was not overly religious.  he believed and followed the Jewish customs of the day as any good Jew would.  He made a good living and knew that he would be able to support a family one day.  he was promised in marriage to young girl named Mary.  he could not wait for the wedding to take place.

But then he found out Mary was pregnant.  He was indignant.  He had every right to pout her away and have her family punished for allowing such a thing.  She should be stoned according to Jewish law.  This was fornication!  He was also puzzled.  She was such a good Jewish girl.  How could she have done such a thing.

But then one night an angel appeared to Joseph.  Joseph was taken aback but the angel told him not to be afraid.  Then he said that Joseph should not put Mary away.  She had not committed fornication.  Her child was God’s Holy child.  He would save the people from their sin!  The angel even told Joseph what to name the child – Jesus!  The Hebrew word is Yeshua, which means to deliver or rescue.  Joseph believed the angel, and we are thankful to this day that he did.

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