God is With Us

Could it really be?  Joseph was told it would be so.  Mary was told it would be so.  the shepherds were told it would be so.  But could it really be?  Would God send His Son, the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Creator of all things, to be born in a manger filled with hay?  Would His Son be willing to come, knowing before he came the torture and torment He would have to face.

Yes, He was the Son of God and could just decide to stay in heaven and let us all go to hell.  We would have deserved that.  We are rebellious people and want to fulfill our own lusts and desires moire than anything else.  We have to respect for God or His ways.  Jesus knew our hearts, wicked and full of disdain for God’s laws.  Why would He want to come down here?

His love, His wonderful love compelled Him to come.  Come as a little baby.  No fanfare, no trumpets blaring, no royal announcement.  A few shepherds were summoned from their fields and three wise men followed a star to His house.  Other than that, no one knew He came.  But when He arrived, God was with us.  He still is today!


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