Breath of Heaven

To the Shepherds it was a glorious heavenly calling that brought them to the manger that night.  To the wise men it was a star in the sky that guided them to come see the King born as a child in humility.  To Mary and Joseph it was the census that brought them to this place at this time.  To Jesus. it was His choice to come in this manner.  To us, it is often just the faint sound of the Breath of Heaven.

Don’t expect the angel;s to come and tell you what God wants from you.  Don;t expect a miracle to point the way.  Don’t expect the events of this life to lead you in Christ’s path.  Most often, it will be that still small voice, that breath from God, that tells you the way to go.  If y’u are not listening closely., you will miss it.  if you do not wait for God to speak with earnest expectation, you might just think He hasn’t spoken.  But He is speaking all the time.  He is breathing life into you all the time.  He lights our path with His still small voice.  He shows us the way by His word.  Don’t miss a single word.  Listen for His breath!


3 thoughts on “Breath of Heaven

  1. working4christtwo

    Miracles ARE “God Breathed”, so one ought not be surprised that miracles are happening daily ALL around us,if, IF we are sufficiently tuned into God’s grace to witness them.
    This is a SEASON of miracles,
    Thanks Pete,
    God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete Post author

      But we are surprised aren’t we? When miracles happen in my life I am surprised that he has such mercy on me. Blessings to you this Christmas season



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