O Come, O Come Emmanuel

He came to a people that were waiting the Messiah and did not recognize Him when he came.  They expected a King to ride ion as a conqueror. They expected Him to free them from Roman Tyranny.  They expected Him to be bold and strong, taking on the empire and winning every battle.  Instead, he came with all meekness and humility, preaching love and compassion.  Then He was crucified before their eyes.  He died not having fulfilled anything they thought He would, yet He fulfilled every Scripture written about Him.

Now we await His return.  This time he will come as a conquering King.  he will come riding on a white horse, with a sword in His hands and fire in His eyes.  He will bring a swarm of angels with Him.  He will have victory over all His enemies.  But before that, he will come in the clouds, just as He left, and take all believers home to be with Him.  All those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ will be called up to Him.  Will you be ready?


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