A Baby Changes Everything

My oldest daughter had a troubled life in her late teens and early twenties.  She dropped out of high school in her Junior year and ran wild for several years.  Kind of like her dad a=had done minus the dropping out.  We were at our wits end on what to do with her, so we just decided to love her and pray for her.,  It was all we could do.

One afternoon I was lounging out on our deck and she came to visit.  She looked scared and tired.  She walked up to me and told me she was pregnant, not married.  She said she would keep the child as she was dead set against abortion.  I rose to my feet, hugged her and told her we were here for her, whatever she needed.

That baby changed her whole life.  She eventually got her GED, college diploma and now has 2 masters degrees in accounting.  She has a wonderful job and that little baby is now going on 17,  She will graduate early from high school and has her eyes set on college.  She is quite amazing.,  Last year, that young girl cut off all her hair to donate it to charity, something a teenage girls just does not do.  We are so proud of her and her Mom.

Two thousand years ago, a baby came into the world that changed everything.  His life, death and resurrection is one of the most recorded facts in all of history.  He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yet he came as a babe in a manger.  The world would never be the same.

4 thoughts on “A Baby Changes Everything

  1. Donald John

    I hold the birth of my son second only to me receiving the seal of the new birth in the Holy Ghost. Blessed are the children for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Out of the mouths of babes has thou perfected strength.

    I have great news, Pete. A savior is born unto us this day in the city of David the Messiah of the world. Jesus Christ the LORD. A blessed celebration be upon you and yours this holiday season.


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