One Mediator

1 Timothy 2:3-6

3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

The last two lessons were on 1 Timothy 1-2 where Paul tells us to make intercessions, supplications, prayers and thanksgiving for all men, for all kings and for all in authority. He tells us doing this will lead to a quiet and peaceable life. Here he starts up by telling us that those things are good and acceptable in the sight of God. I’m not sure about you, but I want to do things that are good and acceptable in the eyes of God. There are enough times that I mess up and go off the deep end in disappointing Him. I always feel bad and repent, asking His forgiveness after those times. Then I want to do something good and acceptable, and here it is. Pray for others. Give thanks for life itself, stand in the gap for those in need. God loves it when we do these things.

That is because he wants everyone to be saved, and our prayer for others should include that they be saved, or that they draw closer to God. Our prayers for the salvation of others is perfectly aligned with God’s will because He would have all men to be saved. He wants everyone to know Him personally, to hear His voice, to call on His name, to share His wisdom, to be filled with His gifts, to be abundant in His fruit and to be endued with His talents. God has a purpose and a plan for very human being on this earth. Each one has different talents that can build up the body of Christ. Each one brings their own unique personality that can shower us all with blessing after blessing.

So how are we doing in praying for all men to come to that saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? How about the grocery clerk, your plumber, your mailman, the garbage man, your city council, the school board, that star athlete, your coworker, .your boss, His boss, the president of the company, the mailroom clerk, the beggar on the street, the homeless man you passed by, the drunk, the drug addict and anyone else? Are we calling out to God that He would use us or someone else to reach these people and all the others in our lives? I challenge you to make a list of everyone you come in contact with from the moment you stop reading this post until one week from this day. And I mean everyone. That may be 10 people in a grocery store, 30 people at work, 50 people at church. Write them all down and see how many people you can influence in a week. I bet the number will surprise you. You can influence a lot of people for Christ! What are you waiting for?

The truth that Paul wants us to make sure we tell everyone is that there is only one mediator between us and God. There is only one way to the Father (John 14:6). When the world stands before the God of the universe on judgment day, and every human being will stand there, only one person will be there to represent them. It will not be Muhammed, or Buddha, or Billy Graham, or Baal, or Diana, or Ashtaroth. Praying a hundred Hail Mary’s will not get you there. Confessing to your priest will not get you there. It will be Jesus Christ Himself. He is our mediator. He is the one who will tell God whether or not we have accepted His attoning blood as a covering for our sin. He is the one who will tell God whether we have repented of our sins and asked Him to forgive us. He is the one who will tell the Father if we have obeyed the commandments since we have been saved. He is the one who knows how we have treated our neighbor. He is the one who knows what we do in our closet. He is the one who knows very word we have spoken.

If you think you are just barely going to slip into heaven, you are mistaken. If you think you can backbite your neighbor or your Pastor on a regular basis and make it into heaven you are mistaken. If you think you can lie about stealing office supplies from work, you are mistaken. If you think you’ll get in despite that little hidden sin in your closet, you are mistaken. Your mediator is the spotless Lamb of God. He gave His life so you could be set free from sin. He rose again so you could have eternal life. What makes you think He would lie to the Father for you? He will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He will execute perfect judgment when He speaks on your behalf.

He paid your ransom. You were bound for hell, and He paid your way out. In exchange, He asks for your life. He asks you to make Him Lord, not just a friend. Make Him Lord, not just a savior, or deliverer, or healer. Make Him Lord. That means we obey His word. We love our neighbor the way 1 Corinthians 13 tells us to love. We think on the things Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on. We speak grace as Ephesians 4:29 tells us to. We trust Him in every situation the way Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to. I could go on and on, but you get my drift. He wants us to do His word, not just read it. Do it all!

Then on, that day when we stand before the Father, He will testify for us. He will testify if we have loved the way we should have loved. He will testify if we have acted the way we should have acted. He will testify if we sought out and followed His will and His plan for our lives. He will testify if we have spoken with grace and compassion. It is His testimony that will get us into heaven. It is not Peter and Paul at the pearly gates who make that decision. It is Jesus before the judgment seat of God that makes that decision. Have you ever thought about what Jesus would tell the Father about you? Maybe you should!

The stage is set. God is on the throne in the great judgment hall. Angels fill the room, ready to escort the accused to their destination. You stand before God, realizing you are so unworthy to be there. This is not a time to be bold. It is a time to be humble and in awe, to be filled with the fear of the Lord. You plead your case before God.

“I have been good all my life. I have paid my tithes and attended church regularly. I prayed to your Son to forgive me of my sins and became born again. I raised my children to serve you. I obeyed all your commandments from the day I got saved. Dear God, I know there is a place for me in heaven.”

Then you hear that snarling, grainy voice. It moves through your body like an electric bolt as the enemy comes walking up the aisle of the courtroom.

“Not so fast.” He says. “I have evidence to present!”

“Go ahead Satan. Present your case.” God says from the throne in a demanding voice. He is a fair and righteous judge and must hear all sides of the case.

The Devil continues. “You stole $5 from your mothers bed stand when you were 10 years old because you coveted the new bicycle your neighbor had. Then you lied to your Mom about it when she asked you. That bicycle was an idol in your heart and when your mother persisted you stormed out of the house and told her you hated her for not trusting you. As you walked down the street you took the Lord’s name in vain many times. You muttered that your Mom was a fool, knowing all along she was right.
You broke 7 commandments in this one little instance. There are so many more just like this. He is guilty of breaking your law over and over again, your honor. He must be given to me!”

“Well,” said God to me. “What do you have to say for yourself. These are serious charges.”

“I told you I asked your Son for forgiveness. He is my Lord!” I said pleadingly.

“Many claim Him as Lord, but they do not serve Him as they should. They do not give their all. Why should I believe you?”

All of a sudden I heard the door open and a brilliant light filled the room. It was as if the sun had arrived right there in the courtroom. It blinded me for a second. Once I got my bearings, I squinted and saw Jesus standing there. He was beautiful and majestic. The Devil grimaced in the background. He sneered at Jesus and backed away. He ranted out His accusation again, this time in a rage. He kept saying “He’s mine. He’s mine!”

Jesus looked over at me and smiled. Then He looked at the devil and said.

“You’re wrong. He’s mine. He has been a good and faithful servant. He has obeyed my commandments from the time he was saved. He has helped the needy and visited the sick. He has fed the less fortunate and prayed for others on a regular basis. I have watched Him serve me and make me His Lord. He’s mine!”

The Devil hissed and growled until Jesus finally said “Be gone!” in a voice of authority like I had never heard. The Devil ran out of the room as quick as he could. Jesus looked at me and said “I am your mediator, and you will enter into heaven!”

This day will come for all of us. Will Jesus speak for you or against you? He will judge with righteousness and truth. Can you handle the truth?

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