James Chapter 1

The first chapter of James does a lot to help us understand how God wants us to be perfected.  We start out by having joy when we face trials and tests.  This is because that is when our faith is tested and grows.  This testing perfects us for God’s purpose in our lives.  If not for the tests, we would not have the wisdom to help others with the same problems.  If we need to have wisdom about the trial we are going through, we just need to ask and not waver in our faith.  any tie we waver we are like a ship tossed at sea.  Through all things, we must stay humble and realize God is not tempting us because he only give good gifts.

We can help others by listening to them.  They go through trials themselves., and we must do everything we can to not get angry if they should lash out at us, but listen and be quiet.  When we stay our of the fray, we can look in the mirror and see ourselves clearly as servants of the Lord.  Then we can understand God’s perfect law of freedom and allow Him to take the reins on our lives.


There are so many things I learned as I went through this study, but the most important was that God has a purpose for everything that comes into my life.  When I realize that, I can have joy no matter what comes my way.