James Study

In October of 2017, while still recovering from cancer, God directed me to do a verse by verse study in the book of James. Over the next month and a half, this study really opened my eyes to some new truths from God’s word that had baffled me in previous times. Day by day, I would pour through the scriptures ., asking God to open up His word to me. Each day he would guide me to blog a study. The words unfolded one by one before me and helped me in my walk through Chemotherapy.

Taking the principles I learned and utilizing them as they unfolded before me gave me a much brighter outlook and hope for the future. I was already optimistic, but James made me even more so. When I learned why I should have joy in the midst of my trial, there came a peace that was insurmountable. When I learned that he would give me wisdom to understand what he was doing in my life if my faith would not waver, my faith grew stronger and I began to understand. When I learned that the glass I see myself in can be His light shining through me, I realized just how much He expects from me. This is all chapter one!

Chapter two brings us face to face with the age old argument of faith vs. works. I came face to face with the reality that both are essential for our eternal salvation. In Chapter three I was challenged more than ever on the evils and power of my tongue. In Chapter four pride, humility, submission and doing good are all challenges brought forth from the writer that stirred my soul. In Chapter five, our prayer life is brought to a higher level.

This powerful book really jumped out at me and has now become one of my favorites. I hope you will find the same thing as you take the journey with me in the blogs God gave me at that time.