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It’s a Sad Thing

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak we have all started to see the horrifying numbers of cases and deaths that this very contagious virus is causing. I have heard a few reports of how bad the virus attacks the body. High temperature, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, even pneumonia can come upon a victim. It is an insidious disease as it appears to use young people, who rarely show symptoms, to deliver it to older, more vulnerable people.  As a result everyone feels at risk.

Our governments have gone to extreme measures to try and protect the public from this virus.  Across the nation state of issued shelter-at-home orders, demanding that people stay home except for essential travel.  Around the world similar or even harsher methods are being taken.  Stores that are open are putting shields between the customers and the workers for added protection.  Hospital and clinics are not seeing patients unless they are urgent care or COVID-19 infected.  Staying at least 6 feet away from other people is suggested and is even being enforced in many states by police.We are doing everything we can to try and limit the spread.

Even with all these measures, the experts are saying the death toll in our country before this is all said and done will be around 100,000, maybe even as high as 150,000.  I read today that they are downgrading that some, but not much.  We all seem to be in shock and willing to do anything we can to lower that number.  It is a horrible thing to think about as our hospitals fill to capacity and our morgues are overrun.  In many cases, funerals can;t be held.  People are passing away in isolation with no possibility of seeing there loved ones before they die.  There is quite a consensus that this is a terrible thing, the likes of which we have never seen.

The media, in the meantime, is doing everything it can to increase the fear that most people face.   They have wall to wall coverage of the virus and it’s impact.  They publish report after report of how this is such a dreadful thing, and it is.  They tell us all the ways our lives are affected by this little virus that loves to travel between people.  They tell us what a horrible thing this is and how much our lives will have to change,  They tell us everyday how many are infected and how many die.  It is inescapable.

We are clamoring over, and lamenting over maybe 150,000 deaths here.  In the course of maybe 8 months for the length of the infections.  That’s 20,000 a month if we hit the highest number.  I know they are saying around 500 here in Iowa, maybe up to 1,000 by August.  People are scared they might be one of them so they do everything they can to protect themselves.

I wish we would have the same concern for the most vulnerable members of the human race.  In 2017 the media was cheering the fact that we hit an all time low for abortions – dead babies never given a chance to live.  That number was 862,000 according to the Guttmacher Institute, which is a non-partisan group that does it;s best to record the raw data.  862,000!  That’s almost 6 times the number that might die (on the high end ) from COVID-19.  I don’t see the news media lamenting those deaths!  They celebrate there were ONLY 862,000!

These babies were taken from mothers whom I;m sure said they were pregnant.  They were probably told by a medical provider they were pregnant, or took a pregnancy test that confirmed the fact for them.  Maybe even planned parenthood wold them they were pregnant.  The word pregnant is from the Latin prae grasci which means “before birth.”  Birth means the act of bringing forth offspring.  Many abortion providers use the term pregnant, but then  tell the mother that it is only a fetus, not a baby.  They say it is not human, but it has all it’s parts in many cases.  they try to convince the mother it is only a growth inside them, bu they contradict themselves if they use the term pregnant!  Even they know this is a baby developing in the womb, but they would never tell the mother that if it is not already known.

It’s very sad to me that we are so concerned over 100,000 to 150,000 deaths but we pay so little attention to 862,000.  They are all human beings, just in different stages of development.  It is sad the media is so bent out of shape when 1,000 die in a day from this virus and say nothing of the 2,361 that die every day (on average) day in and day out from abortion.

They can try to use the excuse that abortion does not affect anyone’s life but the mothers, while the virus can affect everyone’s life if we do not take precautions.  But the fact that we devalue life so much that we are willing to kill babies even after they are successfully born despite an abortion is troubling at best.  You wonder why there are so many shootings and people taking each others lives?  We have come to a place where we do not value human life anymore.  It’s just a byproduct and can be done away with if we so choose.  It’s a mothers right and the child has no voice.

Look at it this way.  Right now there are around 350,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US.  Even if every single one of them died, it would still be less than half the number of abortions.  less than half the number of babies murdered in and out of the mothers womb.  Less than half of the harmless, blameless lives lost to a butchers blade.  Less than half!  It’s a sad thing that we don’t pay more attention to that!  It’s a sad thing we do not take every measure possible to try and correct that!  It’s a sad thing we don’t care as much about that as we do about a virus that is here today and will be gone tomorrow.


Worse Than and Infidel

1 Timothy 5:8

8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Before we look at what this all means, we must first look at the word “infidel”. According to Webster an infidel is “someone who does not believe in religion of adheres to a religion other than their own”. This is commonly what we think about this word when we come across this verse. We think Paul is saying this person is worse than an unbeliever, and in many ways that is true. But it is not necessarily someone who does not have any religion, or even who adheres to another religion. This same Greek word, apistos, is used when talking about Thomas doubting that Jesus was alive. It is used by Jesus when talking about Christians who reject the true faith. In other words, we are looking at a person who doubts the Gospel and the precepts outlined therein. He does not place his faith in the truth and therefore is labeled an unbeliever.

Are there things in the word that you doubt? Or do you adhere that everything in the Bible is completely accurate, without flaw. How about the creation account? Do you doubt that God created the world, the universe, and all that is therein in 6 days and then took a day off? Do you adhere to some of the different explanations of the “6 days”, like each day is a thousand years, or even a million or billion? Or is there a huge gap between Genesis 1:1-2 and verse 3? Or does the use of the word day constitute the limited understanding of Moses so he just made it up? Do you doubt creation?

Do you doubt Genesis Chapter 3 and original sin? Do you doubt that because Adam sinned, his seed was passed down to all men, and that seed was the seed of sin? Do you adhere to the wisdom of man that says everyone is born good and right with God? Do you think sin comes from each of us doing the wrong things, or saying the wrong things? Do you think some people can go through life without sin and therefor not need a Savior? Do you doubt original sin?

Do you doubt the 1o plagues that hit Egypt and the resulting Exodus? Do you doubt that manna came from heaven, or that God write on tables of stone, or that millions of quails came from nowhere to feed the children of Egypt? Do you doubt that God parted the Red Sea, thinking instead that it was some strong wind or an earthquake which is the wisdom of man? Do you doubt Abraham would have sacrificed his son, or that the walls of Jericho fell with a shout, or that Daniel escaped from the lion’s den unharmed?

What part of the Bible do you doubt? There Are So many outrageous stories in there it would be easy to doubt a few of them, wouldn’t it? I mean, after all, what fish could swallow a man? What man could aim a stone that good with a slingshot? What kind of person could kill a thousand others with the jawbone of an ass? There is so much we could doubt.

But when we start to doubt just one little thing, it is easy to doubt a second thing, and a third. It is easy to start questioning the Bible and its precepts and commands, instead deciding to just believe the promises and ignore the laws. I will take all the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 and just ignore the curses because a loving God certainly would not allow any of that to fall on me. A loving God would just take everyone to heaven, wouldn’t He? Who cares if the Bible says many will call Him Lord, Lord, but he will say depart from me. Jesus died so we would all go to heaven, right? I don’t have to do anything or say anything.

Just because God says that a man lying with a man is an abomination doesn’t make it true. God is love. He loves everyone, and we should not be against two people who love each other. Who cares that God says marriage is between a man and a woman? If two people love each other that’s all that counts. Who cares that God says he formed us in our mother’s womb and that he has known us since the day we were conceived? That fetus is not living so a woman should be able to destroy it anytime she wants. Right?

Do you start to see how much doubt there is in the world today, and even in the church? Do you start to see how we have justified holding onto man’s wisdom and putting aside God’s wisdom through His word? After all, if the Bible is not true, I don’t have to be responsible to an almighty God. Even if one part is not true, I can easily start justifying that other parts might be untrue as well. The church is starting to latch onto things that we are told are wrong by the Word of God. We have lost our fear of the truth and replaced it with our own version of truth and out own wisdom.

If Thomas was an infidel (the same word was used here), then are we not the same if we do not believe God’s word is truth? If we don’t believe, are we not unbelievers as well? I challenge you today to examine yourself. Examine your thoughts. Examine what you truly believe? I pray you find yourself believing the truth of God’s Word and not the lies of the enemy, or even of your fellow man. As Paul so wonderfully pout it in Romans 3:4 “Let God be true and every man a liar”

This verse tells us that we are to provide for our families or we are worse than someone who does not believe. Men have become so lax in our society. They produce babies and then just walk away. They are irresponsible and self-centered, having only their own interests in mind. It is a scourge on our society and is at the heart of all the violence we see in our country. It is not just about money and provision in a material way. It is about providing spiritual, emotional and mental guidance as well. If you are lacking in any of these areas, ask God to help you. Be the best father you can be. Lord knows we need good, strong men in our world, and we need Godly fathers even more!