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This is the Day

In our church we often sing a chorus that goes like this:

This is the day.  This is the day.
That the Lord has made.  That the Lord has made.
I will rejoice.  I will rejoice.
And be glad in it.  And be glad in it
This is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice and be glad in it.
This is the day.  This is the day.
That the Lord has made

It’s a joyful song of celebration and thanking God for one more day that He has given us to live in this beautiful world.  We sing it with gladness and excitement for His precious gift of another day.

How much more should we sing such a song on this Christmas Day!  For it was on this day, so many years ago, that God said enough to sin.  he said enough to our shame.  he said enough to our guilt.  He said enough to our disobedience.  He said enough to our sickness and disease.  He said enough to our sorrow and hurt.  He said enough to our misery and hopelessness.  He said enough is enough.

The last time God said enough he sent a flood tom destroy all mankind except a few chosen ones.  That flood covered the whole earth, wiping away the sinfulness of mankind and starting new again.  God sent judgment to a sinful world. That flood was 4,000 years ago.

But this time was different.  This time God sent love.  This time God sent forgiveness.  This time God sent His Son, His only Son, as a  baby in  a manger.  This time the whole world, all of mankind, would have a chance to be saved.  That baby on a manger did not come to be cute, or to be a carpenter for the rest of His life.  He came to die. He came to atone for our sins.   He came to suffer for our disobedience.  He came as a sacrifice on the altar of God.  He came to reconcile you to God.

This Christmas, remember why we give presents and love at this time of year.  We do this because God gave on this day, 2,000 years ago.  He gave us life!


Marry Christmas!


Go Tell it on the Mountain

Shout it from the rooftops
Declare the joyous news
Christ is born this day
Christ is come this day

Let the mountains ring
Let the trees proclaim
Lift your voice in praise
Lift your hands in praise

Jesus Christ has come
A baby in the hay
Come to save the world
Come to save us from our sin

Rejoice with ardent praise
Lift up your voice
Tell the world He’s come
Tell the world He saves

A Baby Changes Everything

My oldest daughter had a troubled life in her late teens and early twenties.  She dropped out of high school in her Junior year and ran wild for several years.  Kind of like her dad a=had done minus the dropping out.  We were at our wits end on what to do with her, so we just decided to love her and pray for her.,  It was all we could do.

One afternoon I was lounging out on our deck and she came to visit.  She looked scared and tired.  She walked up to me and told me she was pregnant, not married.  She said she would keep the child as she was dead set against abortion.  I rose to my feet, hugged her and told her we were here for her, whatever she needed.

That baby changed her whole life.  She eventually got her GED, college diploma and now has 2 masters degrees in accounting.  She has a wonderful job and that little baby is now going on 17,  She will graduate early from high school and has her eyes set on college.  She is quite amazing.,  Last year, that young girl cut off all her hair to donate it to charity, something a teenage girls just does not do.  We are so proud of her and her Mom.

Two thousand years ago, a baby came into the world that changed everything.  His life, death and resurrection is one of the most recorded facts in all of history.  He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yet he came as a babe in a manger.  The world would never be the same.

What Child is This?

No room in the inn
Born in a stable
Laid in a manger
In Bethlehem

Asleep on the hay
A bright star above
Shepherds bow in praise
In Bethlehem

Oh Bethlehem
Little Bethlehem
Who is this child
That is born this day

Little Bethlehem
Birthplace of a King
Coming as a child
Oh glorious day

Bethlehem Morning

The quiet town had been overrun by traveler’s because of the census that the governor had called for.  Bethlehem had a population of around 300 in that day, but it more than tripled because of the census.  Many came and stayed with family that still lived there.  Many others had to find shelter in the inn, there being only one in town.  If you did not get there early, you found yourself without a room.

Mary and Joseph had been traveling for days.  Mary was 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver, but according to census rules she had to accompany her husband.  They arrived much later than anyone else and the inn was full.  The innkeeper saw that Mary was pregnant and did not want to turn her away, but had no choice.  Out of compassion he told her she could stay in the stable where there was some warmth from the animals.  during the night her child was born.  he was no ordinary child, and the next morning marked an event the world would never forget.

When Love Was Born

We see a baby in a manger, wrapped in tattered clothes and sleeping in the hay.  We see Mary and Joseph leaning over Him, remembering the words the angels said to them about the child and in awe of what is happening.  We see the shepherds come to worship Him and tell Mary what they have seen.  Mary holds these things in her heart.  We see the bright star up above, showing the way for the Kings to come from the west.  We see this with our eyes.

But this is more than just a child  Love was born this day in  Bethlehem.  Love like this world had never seen.  For God so loved this world that He sent His only Son.  he sent His son, the Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, The Word incarnate.  His Son, who had created all things because he was the word that went forth.  His Son, full oif all humility and meekness, to preach a love that transcended what man knew.  A love for God and a love for one another.  A love that would go through anything to save one.  A love that we can now share because He came that morning in a manger bed.  The world would never be the same.


Josephs Song

He was a simple man.  A carpenter by trade, he worked with his hands and was well known in the community.  He regularly attended the synagogue but was not overly religious.  he believed and followed the Jewish customs of the day as any good Jew would.  He made a good living and knew that he would be able to support a family one day.  he was promised in marriage to young girl named Mary.  he could not wait for the wedding to take place.

But then he found out Mary was pregnant.  He was indignant.  He had every right to pout her away and have her family punished for allowing such a thing.  She should be stoned according to Jewish law.  This was fornication!  He was also puzzled.  She was such a good Jewish girl.  How could she have done such a thing.

But then one night an angel appeared to Joseph.  Joseph was taken aback but the angel told him not to be afraid.  Then he said that Joseph should not put Mary away.  She had not committed fornication.  Her child was God’s Holy child.  He would save the people from their sin!  The angel even told Joseph what to name the child – Jesus!  The Hebrew word is Yeshua, which means to deliver or rescue.  Joseph believed the angel, and we are thankful to this day that he did.