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The Reason

Are your prayers being answered on a regular basis? If they are not you might want to examine the reason that you are asking what you are asking. It is critically important that if we want prayers to be answered that we ask for what God promises to give us.

In James we read that people are not getting their prayers answered because they were asking to consume it on their own lusts (James 4:3). How often do you pray for things that all about accumulating wealth in your life.  These things will bring you glory and most likely make you proud.  God knows if He answers these prayers, it will drive you away from Him. God knows effects of such a prayer would be devastating on your life  Often, He will not answer prayers like  this.

However, if He knows that you will take that wealth and give it away to people that need it, He may answer that prayer.  if He knows that You will use that wealth to bring Him glory, He just may answer that prayer.  If He knows that pride will not result, the answer may come.  It’s all about the motive with these kind of prayers.

Another reason prayers don’t get answered is because we don’t pray according to God’s will.  Now we all realize that God’s will is His word.  Therefor, we believe that for everyone that is sick, He wants to heal them because by His striped we are healed.  But if that is the case, why do people die?  Why do some prayers end in miraculous healing while others take years to finally see healing come?  Why do people even get sick or injured in the first place if we are praying for their safety?

The reason is that we don’t know exactly what God’s perfect will is in any situation.  When Jesus prayed for the ten lepers, 9 were cleansed, one that came back and gave thinks was made whole (Luke 17:11-19).  What’s the difference?  Well, leprosy can eat away skin, noses, ears, fingers and make your body look like a leper the rest of your life.  You are cleansed when the sores stop oozing and take on a wholesome appearance.  None of the skin is completely restored, not the prats that may have been eaten away.  I believe the one who came back and gave thanks was made completely whole, completely restored.

The best thing we can do for anyone is that God’s will should be done in their lives.  Pray that they will be given the strength in God is ready to heal them.  Pray that they will endure the trial and learn what God has for them.  Pray that they will accept God’s timing in their lives.  Don’t override God’s plan by praying for what you think is God’s will.

A third reason is that we try to tell God how He should answer our prayers.  That is a recipe for unanswered prayer.  God is sovereign and He will answer the prayer the way in which he knows it will be best for us.  The trouble is that we do now know what is best for us as well as God does.  He knows our future and He knows the plans He has for us.  if we will just learn to place our lives in God’s hands, accept the situations that come before us, and lay them at His feet, then we will have a lot more peace.  Stop prescribing your own answers, your own medicine.  Allow Him to lead.

There are other reasons, but these are the big three in my opinion.  Personally, I would like every prayer to be answered.  I have worked hard to bring my prayer life in line with His word and I have seen more and more prayers answered.   Have you examined your prayer life lately?


What is Truth?

Philippians 4:8 Part 2

Finally, brethren,

whatsoever things are true,

whatsoever things are honest,

whatsoever things are just,

whatsoever things are pure,

whatsoever things are lovely,

whatsoever things are of good report;

if there be any virtue,

and if there be any praise,

think on these things.


We will look at these things to think on one at a time.  There is so much to consider.

In the recent election accusations were flying on a constant basis.  The two presidential candidates threw words back and forth all the time and you really didn’t know what was true. I was amazed at how often each of them called the other out for lies.  In the end, I think we were all glad when the campaigning was over.  I firmly believe there’s a blurring effect going on in our society that kind of neutralizes everything so that no one can really say what’s true and what’s not.

When I think of things that are true I must eliminate gossip out of my head.  It is so hard to find the truth now because everybody has a different story. And the internet is loaded with untruths. News agencies report different stories, and have different ideas about how things go in our society.  We can’t trust them for truth.  Even n Jesus day, it was hard to discern what was true.  Remember Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth (John 18:38) ” So, our problem is to find a source for the truth.

Let’s first look at Jesus. Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). One thing I can do to think about things that are true is think about Jesus since He is the truth. We can think about His love, mercy and grace toward us.  We can think about His sacrifice. We can meditate on His teachings,  We can take heart in the miracles He performed, knowing that He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8).

What else can we find that’s true? Certainly, not the newscasts, not television, not movies and not the internet. It’s hard to find truth in any of those things. It seems even channels like The Weather Channel and National Geographic have fallen into the politically correct area. As we search for truth in this world there’s really only one place that we can find it. And that’s the Word of God.

The Bible gives us truth on just about every subject we can imagine. Whether it’s dealing with your neighbor or finances or marriage, the Bible provides for any situation that will come up. The truth contained there spreads over every religion and every culture. They are recognized worldwide as true. I think of things like the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule which are universal in nature. I sell insurance for a living and one of the things that you have to do every three years to go through an Ethics Course. One of the first things on the ethics course is that we need to practice the Golden Rule. Even in business the Bible is recognized as a source of Truth.

If you are not in your Bible on a regular basis it will be hard for you to think about those things that are true. You can think about Jesus and you can meditate on His word as far as you know the word. As you get to know the word more you can meditate on the truth easier.   There are so many wonderful truths and promises God has given us in His word.  Set aside time to get into the word so you know the extent of what God has for you.

There are other the things on this list of things to think about that should be combined with truth to really transform our lives.  Tomorrow we will talk about things that are honest.