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It’s a Sad Thing

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak we have all started to see the horrifying numbers of cases and deaths that this very contagious virus is causing. I have heard a few reports of how bad the virus attacks the body. High temperature, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, even pneumonia can come upon a victim. It is an insidious disease as it appears to use young people, who rarely show symptoms, to deliver it to older, more vulnerable people.  As a result everyone feels at risk.

Our governments have gone to extreme measures to try and protect the public from this virus.  Across the nation state of issued shelter-at-home orders, demanding that people stay home except for essential travel.  Around the world similar or even harsher methods are being taken.  Stores that are open are putting shields between the customers and the workers for added protection.  Hospital and clinics are not seeing patients unless they are urgent care or COVID-19 infected.  Staying at least 6 feet away from other people is suggested and is even being enforced in many states by police.We are doing everything we can to try and limit the spread.

Even with all these measures, the experts are saying the death toll in our country before this is all said and done will be around 100,000, maybe even as high as 150,000.  I read today that they are downgrading that some, but not much.  We all seem to be in shock and willing to do anything we can to lower that number.  It is a horrible thing to think about as our hospitals fill to capacity and our morgues are overrun.  In many cases, funerals can;t be held.  People are passing away in isolation with no possibility of seeing there loved ones before they die.  There is quite a consensus that this is a terrible thing, the likes of which we have never seen.

The media, in the meantime, is doing everything it can to increase the fear that most people face.   They have wall to wall coverage of the virus and it’s impact.  They publish report after report of how this is such a dreadful thing, and it is.  They tell us all the ways our lives are affected by this little virus that loves to travel between people.  They tell us what a horrible thing this is and how much our lives will have to change,  They tell us everyday how many are infected and how many die.  It is inescapable.

We are clamoring over, and lamenting over maybe 150,000 deaths here.  In the course of maybe 8 months for the length of the infections.  That’s 20,000 a month if we hit the highest number.  I know they are saying around 500 here in Iowa, maybe up to 1,000 by August.  People are scared they might be one of them so they do everything they can to protect themselves.

I wish we would have the same concern for the most vulnerable members of the human race.  In 2017 the media was cheering the fact that we hit an all time low for abortions – dead babies never given a chance to live.  That number was 862,000 according to the Guttmacher Institute, which is a non-partisan group that does it;s best to record the raw data.  862,000!  That’s almost 6 times the number that might die (on the high end ) from COVID-19.  I don’t see the news media lamenting those deaths!  They celebrate there were ONLY 862,000!

These babies were taken from mothers whom I;m sure said they were pregnant.  They were probably told by a medical provider they were pregnant, or took a pregnancy test that confirmed the fact for them.  Maybe even planned parenthood wold them they were pregnant.  The word pregnant is from the Latin prae grasci which means “before birth.”  Birth means the act of bringing forth offspring.  Many abortion providers use the term pregnant, but then  tell the mother that it is only a fetus, not a baby.  They say it is not human, but it has all it’s parts in many cases.  they try to convince the mother it is only a growth inside them, bu they contradict themselves if they use the term pregnant!  Even they know this is a baby developing in the womb, but they would never tell the mother that if it is not already known.

It’s very sad to me that we are so concerned over 100,000 to 150,000 deaths but we pay so little attention to 862,000.  They are all human beings, just in different stages of development.  It is sad the media is so bent out of shape when 1,000 die in a day from this virus and say nothing of the 2,361 that die every day (on average) day in and day out from abortion.

They can try to use the excuse that abortion does not affect anyone’s life but the mothers, while the virus can affect everyone’s life if we do not take precautions.  But the fact that we devalue life so much that we are willing to kill babies even after they are successfully born despite an abortion is troubling at best.  You wonder why there are so many shootings and people taking each others lives?  We have come to a place where we do not value human life anymore.  It’s just a byproduct and can be done away with if we so choose.  It’s a mothers right and the child has no voice.

Look at it this way.  Right now there are around 350,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US.  Even if every single one of them died, it would still be less than half the number of abortions.  less than half the number of babies murdered in and out of the mothers womb.  Less than half of the harmless, blameless lives lost to a butchers blade.  Less than half!  It’s a sad thing that we don’t pay more attention to that!  It’s a sad thing we do not take every measure possible to try and correct that!  It’s a sad thing we don’t care as much about that as we do about a virus that is here today and will be gone tomorrow.