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What Child is This?

No room in the inn
Born in a stable
Laid in a manger
In Bethlehem

Asleep on the hay
A bright star above
Shepherds bow in praise
In Bethlehem

Oh Bethlehem
Little Bethlehem
Who is this child
That is born this day

Little Bethlehem
Birthplace of a King
Coming as a child
Oh glorious day


Bethlehem Morning

The quiet town had been overrun by traveler’s because of the census that the governor had called for.  Bethlehem had a population of around 300 in that day, but it more than tripled because of the census.  Many came and stayed with family that still lived there.  Many others had to find shelter in the inn, there being only one in town.  If you did not get there early, you found yourself without a room.

Mary and Joseph had been traveling for days.  Mary was 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver, but according to census rules she had to accompany her husband.  They arrived much later than anyone else and the inn was full.  The innkeeper saw that Mary was pregnant and did not want to turn her away, but had no choice.  Out of compassion he told her she could stay in the stable where there was some warmth from the animals.  during the night her child was born.  he was no ordinary child, and the next morning marked an event the world would never forget.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

What a night it was for those shepherds in the field.  Personally, I love the sound of a choir.  We went to the High School choral concert Monday night, and it was wonderful.  They sang a lot of Christmas songs in various renditions.  There was even some audience singing of Christmas carols.  I’;m glad our school has not bowed to the politically correct crowd that says no Christmas at Christmas.  I love singing those timeless hymns.

But that night must have been the most spectacular choral concert ever heard in earth.  First, a solo performance with an Angel shining bright in the spotlight.  The Angel appeared out of nowhere and frightened them at first.  But then he cried out “Fer not!  For behold I bring you good tidings of great joy.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,m which is Christ the Lord.  And this shall be a sign unto you.  You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”.  Then the sky lit up so bright they needed sunglasses in the middle of the night (Unfortunately, sunglasses were not available).  A whole host of angels appeared, shining like the sun.  The angle choir sang out “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace and good will to man”.  What a chorus!  What a night!

When Love Was Born

We see a baby in a manger, wrapped in tattered clothes and sleeping in the hay.  We see Mary and Joseph leaning over Him, remembering the words the angels said to them about the child and in awe of what is happening.  We see the shepherds come to worship Him and tell Mary what they have seen.  Mary holds these things in her heart.  We see the bright star up above, showing the way for the Kings to come from the west.  We see this with our eyes.

But this is more than just a child  Love was born this day in  Bethlehem.  Love like this world had never seen.  For God so loved this world that He sent His only Son.  he sent His son, the Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, The Word incarnate.  His Son, who had created all things because he was the word that went forth.  His Son, full oif all humility and meekness, to preach a love that transcended what man knew.  A love for God and a love for one another.  A love that would go through anything to save one.  A love that we can now share because He came that morning in a manger bed.  The world would never be the same.


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

He came to a people that were waiting the Messiah and did not recognize Him when he came.  They expected a King to ride ion as a conqueror. They expected Him to free them from Roman Tyranny.  They expected Him to be bold and strong, taking on the empire and winning every battle.  Instead, he came with all meekness and humility, preaching love and compassion.  Then He was crucified before their eyes.  He died not having fulfilled anything they thought He would, yet He fulfilled every Scripture written about Him.

Now we await His return.  This time he will come as a conquering King.  he will come riding on a white horse, with a sword in His hands and fire in His eyes.  He will bring a swarm of angels with Him.  He will have victory over all His enemies.  But before that, he will come in the clouds, just as He left, and take all believers home to be with Him.  All those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ will be called up to Him.  Will you be ready?


Breath of Heaven

To the Shepherds it was a glorious heavenly calling that brought them to the manger that night.  To the wise men it was a star in the sky that guided them to come see the King born as a child in humility.  To Mary and Joseph it was the census that brought them to this place at this time.  To Jesus. it was His choice to come in this manner.  To us, it is often just the faint sound of the Breath of Heaven.

Don’t expect the angel;s to come and tell you what God wants from you.  Don;t expect a miracle to point the way.  Don’t expect the events of this life to lead you in Christ’s path.  Most often, it will be that still small voice, that breath from God, that tells you the way to go.  If y’u are not listening closely., you will miss it.  if you do not wait for God to speak with earnest expectation, you might just think He hasn’t spoken.  But He is speaking all the time.  He is breathing life into you all the time.  He lights our path with His still small voice.  He shows us the way by His word.  Don’t miss a single word.  Listen for His breath!


God is With Us

Could it really be?  Joseph was told it would be so.  Mary was told it would be so.  the shepherds were told it would be so.  But could it really be?  Would God send His Son, the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Creator of all things, to be born in a manger filled with hay?  Would His Son be willing to come, knowing before he came the torture and torment He would have to face.

Yes, He was the Son of God and could just decide to stay in heaven and let us all go to hell.  We would have deserved that.  We are rebellious people and want to fulfill our own lusts and desires moire than anything else.  We have to respect for God or His ways.  Jesus knew our hearts, wicked and full of disdain for God’s laws.  Why would He want to come down here?

His love, His wonderful love compelled Him to come.  Come as a little baby.  No fanfare, no trumpets blaring, no royal announcement.  A few shepherds were summoned from their fields and three wise men followed a star to His house.  Other than that, no one knew He came.  But when He arrived, God was with us.  He still is today!