Mission Statement

The mission of this site is to present material that will assist in growing the believer in their understanding of the will of God for their lives.  This will be done through Bible study and reflections on life.  My hope is that the 40+ years I have spent in ministry will translate into life giving words of encouragement for every believer.  Words that will edify and exhort.  Words that will challenge and compel.  Words that will enable and embolden.  Words that will sink in and make the reader think.

Most of the time the Bible study will be through a particular book of the Bible, taking a verse or a group of verses at a time and expounding on them.  It will be part lecture, part bible study.  I will also present special posts and music during certain times of the year, like Easter and Christmas.  All to uplift the body.

I pray you will be blessed by this material and will come back often!