Mary, Did You Know (Chritmas Music video)

I would guess most of you are familiar with Pentatonix.  They are a premier A Capella group, and have lovely harmonies.  I used several videos by them last year, and  just have to include them this year.  This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

1 thought on “Mary, Did You Know (Chritmas Music video)

  1. SR

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It always makes me cry. Is truly one of my favorite Christmas songs.

    It always reminds me of how the Blessed Mother must have been so special in the heart of God, that He would choose her to raise His Son.

    It makes me reflect on what it truly would have been like to raise the Son of God. To have “That,” sitting at your table when you eat. To have the Son of God, going to bed in your house at night. To have God Man doing chores during the day with His foster father, St. Joseph.

    I cannot even imagine what that was like for Mary and St. Joseph? I often go back in my reflections of what one day in their lives must have been like. Again thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR

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